3 Lessons I Learned Moving from Classroom to Cubicle—The Importance of Creativity, Reach, and Kid Fix

My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Benaltable, turned the ordinary into the extraordinary and made the mundane exciting. I remember once she spread shaving cream on our desks when we practiced multiplication facts. She was the kind of teacher whose instructional style allowed students to self-direct their own learning, making them forget they were even in a classroom.

Entrevista de trabajo

Éstas son algunas de las muchas preguntas que podrían hacernos en una posible entrevista de trabajo...obviamente son muchísimas más pero me ha parecido interesante colgar este pequeño mapa conceptual que he utilizado con mis alumnos siguiendo el manual Metaele :)

Además os dejo este pequeño fragmento de la película de Woody Allen doblada al español de la película "Toma el dinero y corre" (Take

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Tynker Raises $7.1M Series A and Adds a Host of Partners

“Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief,” the old nursery rhyme goes. The tinker has quite a few associates. Maybe that’s where Tynker got the idea for all of its partnerships. It should add one more to its own nursery rhyme: the venture capitalist.

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Como en casa

Hace aproximadamente un año publicaba la propuesta Casa sobre plano, para trabajar con los más pequeños en el aula el léxico de las habitaciones de la casa y los muebles así como la ubicación espacial. Pues bien, en esta ocasión traigo otra idea para trabajar los mismo contenidos pero, esta vez, para jóvenes y adultos. Vamos a utilizar los planos de algunas de las casas más conocidas para todos:

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Unpacking the Problem of Unmotivated Online Students

Recently, I received this message from a college professor in response to a
blog post I wrote:

What’s ‘Radical’ About Pencils of Promise’s Commitment to Transparency

Today’s entrepreneurs are smitten with modifiers that magnify their mission and purpose. It’s not enough to pursue innovation—it has to be disruptive. Creating change isn’t sufficient; it must be transformational. What these hyperboles mean, of course, depends on the context in which they’re used, and who’s using the term.

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"Thinking About 'Grit' as Something to Be Taught Isn't Effective": EdSurge Podcast Q&A With Paul Tough

Here’s a four letter word that’s been in the news and education articles a fair amount over the past years. The word is “grit,” and it’s something that Paul Tough, the author of "How Children Succeed" and "Whatever It Takes," addresses in his most recent book, "Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why."Tough is a frequent commentator on school reform, low-income communities, parenting and politics, but in this particular book, he takes on the concept of “grit” and asks a crucial question: Is grit something that can be taught in the classroom?

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How Programming Supports Math Class, Not the Other Way Around

There is a general sense that programming is related to math and that people who are successful in math are often successful at programming. For math teachers, a natural question arises: “What is the value of computer programming in my classroom?” The reality is that one doesn’t come before the other. Programming directly supports some of the core tenets of how we learn mathematics.

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