¿Cómo hacer chilaquiles verdes?

Uno de los platillos presentes en los almuerzos de fin de semana y algunos desayunos de la semana laboral de los mexicanos, son los chilaquiles verdes con pollo.
Aunque para algunos estómagos extranjeros son un poco pesados, no he conocido a nadie que no los haya disfrutado.
Aquí hay dos recetas que puedes usar en clase para describir su preparación.
Las primera tienen las instrucciones en

9 Ways I’m Staying Sharp this Summer

For educators, summer is the ideal time to try to relax, re-energize, and do some professional learning that can be put to good use starting in the fall. As an administrator, if I want other educators in my district to be moving forward (and not just during the summer), I need to live by example and model the way.
Here are nine ways I’ll be bettering myself this summer.

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TCC Takes Z-Degrees to the Next Level With Adaptive Learning

When students at Virginia’s Tidewater Community College (TCC) earn their Associate of Science in Business Administration, chances are, they will never have purchased a single textbook. Thanks to the school’s Z-degree program—for zero dollars spent on textbooks—students are saving up to 25 percent on college costs.

Books Teachers Share: How to See Teaching as an Art

Award-winning educator Troy Cockrum is director of innovative teaching as well as host of the Genius Hour innovation class for middle schoolers at St. Therese of Little Flower Catholic School, a K-8 parochial school on the Southeast side of Indianapolis.

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