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How to Support Teacher Innovation Within a Strict State Accountability System

For children who can stomach school through twelfth grade, the experience culminates with a walk across the graduating stage, and in far too many cases, we place in their hands a diploma not worth the cheap paper it’s printed on. This is the reality of my ever-abiding frustration with our outdated model of public schooling.

La reforma de la enseñanza media y la muerte de la pluralidad lingüística en la educación brasileña.

Me ha parecido muy importante este artículo de Henry Daniel Lorencena SOUZA, "La reforma de la enseñanza media y la muerte de la pluralidad lingüística en la educación brasileña". Recomiendo su lectura a los profesores de español en Brasil.

Se encuentra entre las páginas 175 y 183 de este volumen. Atas do VIII EIIPL - Encontro Internacional de Investigadores de Políticas Linguísticas.

Teaching in the Era of Bots: Students Need Humans Now More Than Ever

In recent years, technology has played a significant role in reshaping the landscape of college teaching, and it will surely continue to do so. But the groundswell of artificial intelligence (AI) that surrounds us marks a particularly fragile moment for teaching. In this context, educators must be especially mindful that our uses of technology do not undermine meaningful learning. And doing this requires knowledge about technology and teaching.

Workplace, Teams, or Slack, Oh My! What's Right for You?

If you haven't heard, and it's likely you haven't, Microsoft launched a product called Teams in 2017 following the company's decision not to sink 8 billion dollars into the purchase of Slack. Instead, they decided to build out their Skype product and develop their own version of Slack. This is not good news for Slack. What it means is that institutions who already have O356 subscriptions will

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Financial Aid Startup CampusLogic Raises $55M to Fund Future Edtech Acquisitions

For some, the words “financial aid” stirs up reminders of grueling applications and the anxiety of coping with skyrocketing college tuition.Phoenix-based CampusLogic aims to chip away at some of those challenges by helping institutions manage and award financial aid to more students, as well as reduce student borrowing by connecting colleges with private grant and scholarship opportunities for students.

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