Protecting Online Accounts With Strong Passwords - Video

Creating a strong password is a good first step to protecting your email and social media accounts from being hacked. But that's just the first step. To really protect your account there are some additional steps you should take like using two-factor authentication. In the following video Common Craft explains how to protect your online accounts.

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Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp - Super Early Discounts End Soon

Every year for the last four years the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camps have sold out. Compared to this time last year, there are more people registering early than ever before. The super-early discount on registration ends this Friday night. The super-early discount price is $100 less than the full price and $50 less than the early registration discount.

Firma del convenio entre FEDELE y SIELE

Durante la Convención de las escuelas FEDELE, que tuvo lugar hacer unas semanas en Madrid, se firmó un convenio de entre el Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española (SIELE) y nuestra federación.

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Students See A New World With More Accurate Maps

Students throughout Boston are getting a radically different view of the world, one laminated 24-by-36-inch sheet of paper at a time.
Beginning last Thursday, Boston Public Schools administrators have been sending social studies teachers in the second, seventh and 11th grades new maps for their classrooms — depictions that more accurately portray the sizes of Earth’s continents.

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