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Some helpful resources regarding innovation

I just wanted to pass along some helpful resources to those interested in innovation:

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Augmented reality+QR codes+mobile learning devices: Perhaps a potent combination for learning!

Earlier today, I was reflecting upon Kirsten Winkler’s blog posting at bigthink.com, entitled “Augmented Learning.” Here is an excerpt from Kirsten’s posting:
A technology that keeps me excited for a while now is augmented reality in combination with QR codes and geo tagging. One start-up that caught my attention early on was Stickybits.

Now you’re talking! A concept that relates to “Smart Classrooms” of the future.

I’ve been hoping that Steelcase would move towards implementing their puck-like devices — from their  MediaScape product line — on tables throughout a classroom…whereby these pucks would be wireless and whereby students could plug in whatever device they brought to class with them, and then hit the puck to begin “playing their media for the classroom.” N

The incredible potential of location-aware educational materials

Theme of post:
The incredible potential of location-aware educational materials, which could greatly enable a student to pursue their passions.

New technologies introduced/being introduced at the DEMO Spring 2011 Event

New technologies introduced/being introduced at the DEMO Spring 2011 Event
This event provides demonstrations of a variety of promising new products and prototypes that have never been seen before. These are real products that are ready for market.
February 28:

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Someone in your organization needs to be peering out into the future – here’s why

One of the reasons that we included the word “future” in the name of this blog is that peering into the future is an incredibly-important exercise that will help you and your organization from being broad-sided by change(s) that you didn’t see coming.
This is all the more valid considering that the pace of change has increased:

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