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The Teacher Prep Program That Starts in High School

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Dylin Coburn is a junior in high school, but he’s spent a surprising amount of time at a school that’s not his, observing an art class he’s not even taking. It’s not about making more art though—it’s practice. When he gets older, Dylin wants to teach, and thanks to a forward-thinking career readiness program in his district, he’s already gaining classroom experience, learning how classes are structured and designing an art workshop he hopes to one day implement at his own school, which currently does not have an art teacher.

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Waterford Gets $20M+ Grant for Online Preschool. Its Critics Are Not Happy.

In the world of education, some debates rage eternal. How much testing is too much? What’s the right balance between public schools and charters? And lately, are digital screens appropriate for teaching young learners?

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Inside ‘Dream Big,’ the Engineering Doc That Wants to Reach Every US School

The Imax documentary “Dream Big” started out with one ambitious goal: Make engineering flashy, appealing and cool.“The American Society of Civil Engineers came to us and said, ‘We have a problem,’” explains Shaun MacGillivray, an executive producer and president of MacGillivray Freeman, the studio behind the film. “They said, ‘There’s a lack of engineers, and we especially need to inspire more minorities and women.’”

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Dude, Where’s My Purpose? Ashton Kutcher on Today’s ‘Abysmal’ Schools

Ashton Kutcher is not one of those celebrities who has his own name-brand school, or who used to be a teacher. But he is one who lobs plenty of critiques about education, and thinks he can do it better.For one, he thinks “schools are doing an abysmal job at raising capital.” If he ran one himself, he’d call up Elon Musk asking for a free Tesla X, and maybe some starter cash to see if his students could create something of value for the car company. He’d also buzz his buddy Brian Chesky, who runs Airbnb, a company Kutcher has invested in, and try to strike a similar deal.

Can a Neuroscience Video Game Treat ADHD?

On the homepage of the health technology company Akili Interactive, there sits an intriguing line of copy: “Time to Play Your Medicine.”

8 Ways Schools Can Form a Better Relationship With the Media

We live in a media obsessed society—and media literacy isn't just for students. Educators need it too. Learning to interact with the press is a big part of that because too often schools find themselves reacting to news coverage, instead of helping shape it themselves.“There's a lot of good stuff that goes on in school districts that we're not aware of, especially if teachers, principals and communications people aren't telling us,” says Alia Malik, an education reporter for the San Antonio Express-News.

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Playing Games Can Build 21st-Century Skills. Research Explains How.

As anyone who’s ever spent hours hunched over Candy Crush can attest, there’s something special about games. Sure they’re fun, but they can also be absorbing, frustrating, challenging and complex.

In the Future, Today’s Education Will Look Like ‘19th-Century Medicine’

By most measures, Massachusetts is one of the nation’s highest-performing states when it comes to K-12 education. It ranks first in the country on lists from Education Week and U.S.

Meet the Support Network Addressing Out-Of-School Challenges for Every Student

ROXBURY, Mass. — Last year, a student in Yvonne Steadman’s Kindergarten class began missing a lot of days. Steadman, who teaches at Mendell Elementary School in this highly-diverse Boston neighborhood, passed along her concerns to a colleague, Madeline Gillespie, a family support coordinator.

Why This Chicago Tutoring Center Wants to Be the ‘Whole Foods’ of Education

When Gil Gibori searches for an analogy to describe the model behind his new premium tutoring center, The House, he’s apt to touch on a few big names, including WeWork, the Apple Genius Bar and, perhaps most unusually, the premium grocer Whole Foods.

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