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New Swahili Guide Introduces the Language

A new “Guide to Swahili” on the BBC Languages website introduces people to some facts about the language, its alphabet, and some basic words phrases. The new guide is available at

Translation Tools Geared for Less-Spoken Languages Could Help Maintain Them


Translation Tools Could Save Less-Used Languages
Languages that aren't used online risk being left behind. New translation technology from Google and Microsoft could help them catch up.
By Tom Simonite
June 6, 2012

Millions of people around the world speak languages that are still barely

MLA Statement on Language Learning and United States National Policy

The Modern Language Association’s Executive Council has released a statement: “Language Learning and United States National Policy.” It begins as follows:

“The MLA regards the learning of languages other than English as vital to an understanding of the world; such learning serves as a portal to the literatures, cultures, historical perspectives, and human experiences that constitute the human

Proposed Legislation Would Create New York State Seal of Biliteracy


Building on the momentum of the passage of the California State Seal of Biliteracy, advocates of bilingualism in New York State are pushing for the passage of the New York State Seal of Biliteracy. Modeled on the legislation passed in California, this legislation would offer students who are able to demonstrate proficiency in one or more languages in

Report: More Pre-K Programs Needed for Dual-Language Learners


Report: More Pre-K Programs Needed for Dual-Language Learners
By Lesli A. Maxwell
June 5, 2012

The population of children who do not come from homes where English is spoken is on the rise, and, to ensure their success in school, publicly-funded early childhood programs need to build their

More on Accreditation of English Programs

The last two issues of InterCom have included articles about the Department of Homeland Security’s requirements for accreditation of intensive English programs ( and )

Here is another, from Inside Higher Ed:

Accreditation Headaches

Algebra 2, Foreign Language Would Be Dropped from Michigan Graduation Requirements under House Bill


Algebra 2, foreign language would be dropped from Michigan graduation requirements under bill debated in House committee
by Dave Murray
May 30, 2012

A bill from State Rep. Edward McBroom, R-Vulcan, would eliminate the requirement for algebra 2 and a foreign language, replacing them with opportunities for

Job: Supervisory Language Training Specialist, U.S. Department of State


There are two Language Training Supervisor opportunities in two of the Divisions within the Language School, one in the Romance Languages Division (ROM), and one in the Slavic, Pashto, and Persian Languages Division (SPP). The School of Language Studies, Foreign Service Institute (FSI/SLS) is located in Arlington, Virginia. The School of

Certificate Program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


The Certificate Program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) provides state-of-the-art training in Chinese pedagogy. Developed and taught by a world-class team of experts, the program offers a cutting-edge curriculum that sets trainees on a fast and efficient track to gain knowledge and skills necessary for operating effectively in

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