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Book: The Handbook of Spanish Second Language Acquisition

From Handbook of Spanish Second Language AcquisitionEdited by Kimberly L. Geeslin Published by WileyBringing together a comprehensive collection of newly-commissioned articles, this Handbook covers the most recent developments across a range of sub-fields relevant to the study of second language Spanish. Provides a unique and

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements

From NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements represent the culmination of a collaborative effort between the National Council of State Supervisors (NCSSFL) and ACTFL, to connect NCSSFL's LinguaFolio with ACTFL's Proficiency Guidelines. The combination of these two documents into a single, cohesive set of statements

Teaching Numbers

Members of the MoreTPRS listserv have been sharing ideas for teaching and practicing the number 1-30. Here is the thread on Yahoo: will need to join Yahoo in order to see the posts.

Blog Post: “Brain Breaks” for the Language Classroom

From http://tprsforchinese.blogspot.comDo your students have trouble sustaining focus for your entire class? Try some “brain breaks” – short activities in which students have a chance to re-charge, so that they can renew their focus on the next part of your class. Here is a recent blog post talking about brain breaks and describing several different kinds that you can use in your classes: http://

Article Provides Formula for Talking about Controversial Issues with Young Students

From language teachers often like to include current events and global politic in their curriculum. However, since these are often controversial topics, teachers may be worried about offending students, parents, or administrators. Here is a recent article about how one teacher talks about current events with

Foreign Language Advocacy Video: Lead with Languages

From the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, here is a short animate video emphasizing the importance of foreign language learning in the United States:

GlobalFest 2014 in Normal, Illinois

From 2014 "You are the Key to the World" will take place Friday, February 28 and Saturday, March 1, 2014. This Celebration of World Languages & Cultures will take place at Normal Community West High School, 501 North Parkside Road, Normal, Illinois 61761. The deadline to register is December 20, 2013.For

Oral Practice/Conversation Game Using M&M’s

Here is a description (and accompanying handouts) of an activity used for oral practice, in which the color of an M&M determines what a student will talk about:

Using Jokes with English Language Learners

From Larry Ferlazzo’s latest post in the New York Times’s Learning Network feature is about using jokes with English language learners. Access an article, follow-up questions about the article, and suggestions for teachers at

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