Five (Easy-to-Implement) Ways Video Can Have a Powerful Impact on Teaching and Learning

The days of standing in front of the classroom and “lecturing” are long gone. By using video, teachers can keep students engaged in new and innovative ways.

Want Students Focused on the Pursuit of Knowledge? Stop Making Them Chase Information.

Too often, the words “knowledge” and “information” are used interchangeably, despite the fact that they mean two very different things. In most situations, the distinction is so nuanced that we never give it a second thought. But in the context of education—and higher education in particular—it’s a semantic misstep that can lead to students spending time in the pursuit of the wrong thing.

To Better Advise Students, Colleges Must Get Past the ‘Quick-Fix’ Metrics Solution

My day normally starts at the breakfast table with a cup of coffee in one hand, my cat circling the table below, and a laptop in front of me—all subjects vying for my morning attention. This is also the time when I catch up on updates in the world of higher education, and specifically around my profession of academic advising.

Why Being in the (Online) Room Isn’t Enough: Fostering Difficult Dialogues in Digital Learning

It’s a difficult time for many faculty members across the country to talk about current events with students. But how should instructors foster rich, inclusive dialogues with diverse students—and do so online where everyone might be anonymous?At the Online Learning Consortium’s Innovate conference this week, a panel of digital learning specialists shared how they are working to address some of these challenges at their own institutions and beyond.

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Angela Duckworth Says Grit Is Not Enough. She’s Building Tools to Boost Student Character.

Angela Duckworth’s research on encouraging “grit” in students has been hailed as groundbreaking, popularized in bestselling books and TED talks.

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Here’s What Happens When Every Student Gets a Personalized Learning Plan

High school sophomore Olivia Surdam thought she wanted to have a career in healthcare as a doctor or nurse, but after recognizing that her sensitive stomach would cause barriers for a career path in patient care, Surdam started considering other options with her advisory teacher.

How a Shark Tank Competition Lets Students Create Their Dream Classrooms

If you could buy anything to make your classroom a better place, what would it be? That's a tempting enough prompt for teachers but it was actually the question that 3rd grade students at Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, NY, recently got to answer.

Why Is It so Hard to Teach K-12 Educators How to Personalize Learning?

As a long-time music teacher and instructional technology coach, modeling has been key to my work for over a decade. The concept of gradual release of responsibility is second nature to me when working with students in grades K-12, but in my new role teaching graduate students in an education technology program, I am struggling to model so many of the practices I expect these teachers to use in their own classrooms.

Amazon’s Recent Account Closures Have Affected College Students Too

When college student Brookeline Gottschalk tried to login into her Amazon account on March 30, she got a message that her email wasn’t recognized. She kept trying, but to no avail. When she called Amazon, a representative told her it appeared she had closed her account. That posed a particular problem for her since she needed her account to access an audiobook for a history class.

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This Year’s ASU+GSV Summit Is Hard to Describe. Here’s Our Best Attempt.

Morning yoga, evening karaoke. No, it’s not a spa vacation. Between those bookends, the ASU+GSV Summit, now in its 8th year, is fueled by nonstop mingling and convening. This is the edtech industry’s premier financial conversation, packed with more than 4,100 people and 350 CEOs.Topics ranged from early childhood to lifelong learning. Shop talk was increasingly led by international participants from Paris to Israel—and especially from China, whose global ambitions are undisguised and undeniable.

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