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The Everyday Language Learner Interview Series: Gaby Cortinas

I love being able to hear the stories of language learners throughout the world.
The inspiration and new ideas I get whenever I am able to interact is always amazing.
And over the last few months I have been hearing a bit of the story of one of the readers of the blog – Gaby Cortinas.
Gaby’s story is interesting, inspirational and a lot of fun – and it is not just because he is an opera singer.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with Gaby and ask him a few of the questions I have been wondering about:

The Everyday Language Learner Interview Series: Neil Rees

It is not very often that you come across someone who is both extremely experienced in learning other languages but also knowledgeable and talented in teaching others how to become an independent language learner.
Neil Rees is both of these.
Neil has learned to varying extents a handful of languages and has worked over the past years to train others to be self-directed, community based language learners.  His experience and common sense approach to helping others learn how to learn languages is apparent from the get go.

Postcard Outreach: Iowa and Macedonia

I received two more great postcards recently.  The first was from Jamie of Des Moines, Iowa.
The second was the first international postcard, coming all the way from Lew who is a PeaceCorp worker in Macedonia!
Very cool!

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Skill Development and Language Learning

Last fall I was contacted by Alexis Morin asking if he could interview me as part of his Master’s Thesis research.  We had a great conversation which you can watch HERE.  Alexis is diving deep into self-directed language learning for his research and so I asked if he would consider writing a guest post for the EDLL community.  You can find out more about Alexis and where he hangs out online below the post, but for now, enjoy!

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The Everyday Language Learner Interview Series: Alan Park of FluentU

After my recent post, 10 Free Resources for Learning Nearly Any Language, I got a lot of great feedback on other resources not on that list.  None was mentioned more than FluentU.  I’ve probably gotten ten emails from the EDLL community saying how great of a site that it is.

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