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The Future of Ed-Tech is a Reclamation Project #DLFAB

Here are the notes and slides from my keynote today at the Alberta Digital Learning Forum. The idea behind the forum: to imagine what education will look like in the province in 2030.
I tried not to go full dystopia. I really did. As I started to pull together my talk, it was clear that all the traveling and speaking and listening and learning I've been doing over the last month has shaped my thinking. So thanks to Jim Groom and Brian Lamb and Jon Udell in particular. This talk borrows heavily from your work.

Hack Education Weekly News: MOOC Magic! MOOC Disruption!

A day late on my weekly roundup of education news. Sorry. Traveling. Talking too much. The usual. In this week's news, lots of MOOC-related stuff, compensating for last week's lack of MOOC updates. Andrew Ng is leaving Coursera. Sebastian Thrun insists Udacity can do "magic" for affluent students. Clayton Christensen says that MOOCs' disruption is "only just beginning." Meanwhile, net neutrality is in danger (but the FCC promises it'll fund e-rate). Google must protect "the right to be forgotten" in the EU.

Against "Innovation" #CNIE2014

Here are the slides and the notes from my talk today at CNIE in beautiful Kamloops, British Columbia. Initially I wanted to talk about some of the differences between the cultures of education and Silicon Valley and how "innovation" is framed by both. Instead, I found myself a heading down a rabbit hole with the etymology of the word "innovation." What I fear is that we talk about "innovation" without any referent except that somehow -- magically and inevitably -- "the new" is good, technology is good, technology is progress. We conflate "innovation" with positive social change.

Robots and Education Labor #bccagora

I gave a talk this morning at Berkeley City College as part of an event about outsourcing, adjunctivism, and higher education culture. I wanted to talk about labor and technology -- not just about MOOCs, essay-grading software, and other education technologies in the news and in classrooms today, but about some of the history of automation in education as well. Of course, I can't help but invoke literature and film in doing so: the history of robots there too.

Hack Education Weekly News: Pearson Wins Major CCSS Standardized Testing Contract. Shocker.

In this week's news, Pearson won the contract to develop and administer PARCC's version of the CCSS tests (about 15 million students are covered by this testing consortium. 15 million times $29.50 per test. Will that be on the test?). Some folks are arguing kids are mad at Michelle Obama because she's been pushing for healthier school lunches. Me, I reckon some folks will use any opportunity to be mad at the Obamas. Google launches an LMS. Microsoft adds Khan Academy content to PowerPoint. Automattic, the company behind Wordpress, raises a ton of money.

Hack Education Weekly News: Louis CK vs the Common Core

In this week's news roundup: Louis CK tweets about the Common Core and standardized testing. Google says it's going to stop scanning for advertising students' emails in Google Apps for Education. The Obama Administration releases the names of 50+ schools it's investigating for Title IX violations. ConnectEDU files for bankruptcy. Marc Andreessen invests in a brain wave company. And other fun stuff.

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Beneath the Cobblestones... A Domain of One's Own

Here are the notes and slides from my talk today at Emory University as part of the Atlanta Regional Incubator for A Domain of One's Own. I wanted to talk about why this initiative -- one that I call one of the most innovative in ed-tech -- matters. But after this event was postponed twice for snow -- in Atlanta.

Hack Education Weekly News: The End of Net Neutrality?

In this week's news: InBloom announces it will close. The Supreme Court votes to support an affirmative action ban in Michigan. The FCC proposes new language that would end net neutrality. The money and power people met in the Arizona desert to talk about "education innovation" and money and power and Magic Johnson. Football players at Northwestern University are voting today on whether or not to unionize.

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