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Teacher Wars and Teaching Machines

The Teacher Wars: A Book Review

Teaching is, according to the subtitle of education journalist Dana Goldstein’s new book, “America’s Most Embattled Profession.” “No other profession,” she argues, ”operates under this level of political scrutiny, not even those, like policing or social work, that are also tasked with public welfare and are paid for with public funds.”

Teaching Machines: A Brief History of "Teaching at Scale" #t509Massive

Here are the notes and the slides from my talk today with Justin Reich's HGSE class "The Future of Learning at Scale." Between the jetlag (I got home from England late last night) and the fact that I've got way more to say about teaching machines than can fit into a 20 minutes talk, I'm not sure I was super coherent. But the students had great questions at the end (I've storified some of their tweets). Thanks for listening, folks!

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Beyond the LMS

Here are the notes and the slides from my talk today at Newcastle University. Thanks to everyone at NUTELA, particularly Suzanne Hardy, for sponsoring my trip up north.

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Ed-Tech's Monsters #ALTC

Here are the notes and slides from my talk this morning at ALT-C 2014.

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