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Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2013: The Business of Ed-Tech

The last post in my year-end review of ed-tech. Top 10 Trends and so on. This one, as the headline suggests, covers "the business of ed-tech": all the funding rounds, acquisitions, IPOs, closures, pivots, departures, profits, losses, and drama drama drama. I have to say, covering ed-tech has taught me a lot more about venture capital than I'd ever wanted to know. I try to rein in the editorializing here, but I think you can tell, I find much of it pretty disappointing, pretty gross. I don't think it helps us learn, all this "disruptive innovation." It simply lines pockets. Anyway.

Hack Education Weekly News: Big Bucks for DreamBox Learning, Knewton, Khan Academy

The Lure Of Gold
Quite a busy week as everyone crams their year-end news into the final working days of the year…

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Hack Education Weekly News: Pearson's $7.7 Million Settlement, the "Hour of Code," and More

The "Hour of Code"
According to Code.org, the organization that’s spearheaded this week’s push to teach more students computer science, over 13.7 million students have “learned an hour of code” this week.

Hack Education Weekly News: PISA Scores Confirm that [Fill in the Blank with Education Narrative of Your Choice]

My apologies for the lateness and lightness of this post. But I’ve been in Paris this past week and WiFi access has been tricky and the red wine abundant. I visited both La Porte d’Enfer and Les Catacombes and I wish I could say I did so without thinking about ed-tech a single time.

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