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On Listing Education Innovators and Intellectuals

Three pronouncements this week. Three lists of innovators and intellectuals in education. From Forbes, its annual "30 Under 30" list.


Some ed-tech predictions for the new year. OK. Not really. I just spent the last 7 or 8 weeks writing at length about what I thought were the most important ed-tech trends of 2013. It's not as though any of those are going to stop being important because the calendar has flipped to 2014. But nor is it that any of these trends are "done deals." Ed-tech isn't inevitable. None of it. When we hear assertions of inevitability, I think we need to ask questions about why those predictions are being made.

Hack Education Weekly News: A Temporary Reprieve for City College of San Francisco in Accreditation Fight

For being the week between Christmas and New Year's, there was a surprising amount of news - and it wasn't all "let's bury this news at the end of the year while everyone's on holiday" either. News includes: a reprieve for CCSF in its accreditation woes, the release into the public domain of the Peeragogy Handbook, a pivot for Kaggle, a patent for Jaron Lanier, and more.

Hack Education's Most Popular Posts of 2013

This blog's last post of the year, looking at the posts that garnered the most clicks in 2013. Only 3 of them were penned this year. 3 of them were written in the last days of 2012 (that is, they were part of 2012's year-end review). And the other 4 continue to be the most-read here, even after several years. (Sorry, Codecademy.)

Top 10 Ed-Tech Startups of 2013

Choosing the top education startups is never an easy task. Since I've started composing a list of the best from a single year, I've always given myself these artificial constraints: it has to be a startup that was founded this year. It has to be a startup that's GOOD not just well-funded or well-publicized or over-hyped. This year, it was impossible to choose. Really. So I did something else instead.

Hack Education Weekly News: A Week Without MOOC News!

A quiet week with the Xmas holidays, but a few notable items particularly in the courts and not a goddamned thing about MOOCs. Woohoo! Victory. I should note here, for those that read Hack Education via an RSS reader: my lengthy year-end reviews caused me to exceed the file size for Feedburner. So I've had to truncate the RSS feed in order to bring the size down to compliance. I hate truncated feeds - they're so rude. So as soon as I can, I'll return the feed to its full glory.

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Support Hack Education

Now that I've finished my year-end review of the most important ed-tech trends, it's time for my year-end reminder that Hack Education is advertising and venture-capital free. Please consider a donation. I am incredibly thankful for all those who've helped support this blog financially over the past year. And to everyone, thank you for reading. Here's looking forward to ed-tech rabble-rousing and truth-telling in 2014.

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Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2013

The list of the trends I've chosen as "the top" in 2013. Data. MOOCs. Hardware. Politics. Standards. "Making." "Open." Credentialing. The business of ed-tech. What a year. (Much like previous years. So much for "disruption," eh?) Happy New Year, all.

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2013: The Business of Ed-Tech

The last post in my year-end review of ed-tech. Top 10 Trends and so on. This one, as the headline suggests, covers "the business of ed-tech": all the funding rounds, acquisitions, IPOs, closures, pivots, departures, profits, losses, and drama drama drama. I have to say, covering ed-tech has taught me a lot more about venture capital than I'd ever wanted to know. I try to rein in the editorializing here, but I think you can tell, I find much of it pretty disappointing, pretty gross. I don't think it helps us learn, all this "disruptive innovation." It simply lines pockets. Anyway.

Hack Education Weekly News: Big Bucks for DreamBox Learning, Knewton, Khan Academy

The Lure Of Gold
Quite a busy week as everyone crams their year-end news into the final working days of the year…

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