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How to Post Like a Role Model

More and more district and school staff are catching on to the advice of Superintendents like, Joe Sanfelippo who encourage staff to take every opportunity to say good things about their school. 

Never give up the opportunity to say something great about our school. #spsleads
— Joe Sanfelippo (@Joe_Sanfelippo) July 25, 2017
Sanfelippo's not alone. Supt Daniel Frazier

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Checklist for Inclusive Tweeting

Twitter is an important platform for sharing stories, ideas,
and connecting with others. However, many Tweeters are unintentionally leaving
out 15% of the world’s
population who have disabilities by not composing accessible Tweets.  Fortunately, making accessible Tweets only
requires awareness in a few areas.

Camel Case Hashtags

When you use hashtags, make them camel case.  This means the

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#NYCSchoolsTechChat: New #EdTech Tools for the New Year - Thursday at 7 pm EST

Want to get some new ideas for new tools or resources you can use in the New Year to make teaching and learning more effective? Then join us for our monthly Twitter chat at 7:00 pm EST where #NYCSchoolsTech educators will share the favorite #EdTech tools they've been using this year.

#NYCSchoolTech teacher Eileen Lennon moderates with me throwing in my two cents. We will also be joined by

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Checklist for Accessible Teaching & Presenting

Innovative educators usually know the basics of ensuring their tech works before presenting to students, staff, and families. Check the sound. Check the monitor. But that's just the beginning. If we really want to ensure we are including everyone in have access to what we are presenting, technology can take us even further.

Here are some ideas based on recommendations from WC3 Website

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5 Unplugged Holiday Game Recommendations from Innovative Educators

Even innovative educators recognize
the value of unplugging a bit during the holidays for family games. Here are some recommendations that may not be on
your list. This list is gathered from a group of innovative educators who gathered over the holidays and
shared some of their favorite games to play with family and friends.

Games for the Holidays

The Metagame
The Metagame is the

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Preparing Our Students for the New Collar Workforce

College and career readiness was
popularized in 2009 under the Obama administration's Race-to-the-Top
initiative and it is what fuels the Common Core Standards. College and
career readiness is the directive under which most government schools have been
operating since then. 

problem is that honoring, respecting, and preparing our nation for college
and career readiness leaves two thirds

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Technology Makes Accessible Possible in Inclusive Classrooms

If you are an innovative educator, than you know that you serve students with varying abilities and learning differences. Some are visible, like a person in a wheelchair. Some may not be visible such as a person who is colorblind. Some have varying levels of visibility such as someone on the autism spectrum. Some may progress and become more visible over time or as you get to know the student.

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Alexa, Google Home, or HomePod: Easy Peasy Guide to Determining What's Right For You

If you're an innovative educator you might be wondering which device is best to set up your smart home or classroom. How do you decide which device is right for you? While all devices have other smart gadgets they can interact with, below are the basics to get you started on figuring out what will work best for you.

Amazon's Alexa Echo
You love: Amazon
Purchasing: Amazon is your go to place for

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#NYCSchoolsTechChat on Learning Opportunities - Thursday at 7pm EST

Join us this Thursday as
we discuss professional learning opportunities. 

Your host, #NYCSchoolTech teacher Eileen Lennon will moderate with me throwing
in my two cents. Also on hand will be special guests from some of our partners
who bring these opportunities to teachers. 

You can prepare for the conversation by thinking about answers to these
Q1 What are some of the best

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Technology Use Is A Right, Not A Privilege

Some traditional educators may still view student access to technology as a privilege, but it is not. Today, technology is necessary for learning to be accessible, real, and relevant in the modern world. The college, careers, and citizenship for which our students need to be prepared require the use of technology. The job of our learning institutions requires today's educators to know how to

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