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The Value of #EdTech Certifications: #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast 3.0

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Educators share the value in developing
expertise and showing what they know via #EdTech recognition programs like the #NYCSchoolsTech
Partner Certification Program . This program allows
educators to develop expertise and receive recognition from companies like
Common Sense Education, Google, Apple, Microsoft, PBS/WNET, BrainPop,
SoundTrap, and more.

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Freebie & Ideas For Parent-Teacher Conference Success

Parent-teacher conferences provide a way for
staff and families to better to connect to support students. They can also be
stressful for all parties involved. Parents and teachers may be nervous about
what the other will say to them about the child. To make conferences more
pleasant and strengthen relationships remember the importance of promoting good
will. Your job as a teacher will be

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Funny Face Picture Prompts Spice Up Class Photos

For most of us we have just two options when it comes to group photos.  Say cheese is the standard.  Okay, be silly, is next. Second grade teacher Shira Moskivitz has figured out a way to make boring class or staff photos a thing of the past.  She has come up with dozens of other picture prompts teachers can use to make this year's class photo stand out.  

Step Away from the "Say Cheese"

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#NYCSchoolsTechChat: #EdTech Certifications. Tonight at 7pm EST

Join us tonight (Thursday) as we discuss #edtech certification programs and how NYC uses them to support our growth. #NYCSchoolTech teacher Eileen Lennon moderates with me throwing in my two cents. You can prepare for the conversation by thinking about answers to these questions:
Q1 Why would you pursue an #edtech certification? #NYCSchoolsTechChatQ2 How does/could your school/district utilize

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#BacktoSchool List No No #1 - Graphing Calculators

It is not unusual for costly graphing calculators to be a part of back-to-school lists. The arguments go something like this. We need students to have a separate non-computer graphing calculator to know they really know how to use a graphing calculator.

Wait, what world are we preparing our kids for?  The only business place in the world in the 21st century where you'd see graphing calculators

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The Real Way to Avoid Hearing from the Same 26 Facebook Friends

Innovative educators are generally good fact checkers and don't fall for chain social posts like the one making its rounds about seeing the same 26 people on Facebook.  They know to verify and that even a basic search on The Google will help you find out if what you are reading is fact or fake.

A reason so many people were quick to believe "the same 26 people" story is because Facebook does have

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Use Reflection Signs to Sum Up & Celebrate Learning

Looking for an efficient and effective way for classes to reflect upon what they've learned that works for introverts and extroverts alike. Then you might want to try this fun reflection sign technique. 

At the conclusion of a workshop, class, or unit, ask participants to speak in pairs or small groups about what they learned that they are excited to put into practice. Give participants an 8.5

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Learn from 11 Innovative Educators in The #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast Episode 2

posted at the #NYCSchoolsTech blog.

about the innovative practices going on with some of New York City’s most
passionate educators and supporters.  The latest #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast
was recorded live at our annual #NYCSchoolsTech Summit where NYC Schools most
innovative teachers come together to share ideas, network, and learn from one
another and about what’s new in the world of

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Toss the Smartboard. Here's The Best #BacktoSchool Teaching Tool: @ClassroomScreen

ClassroomScreen which I will be using at all future learning events. ClassroomScreen basically allows me to ditch my former toolbox of presentation tools as it combines them into one nice, simple place.  Just visit and you have access to a timer, random number generator, work symbols (i.e. silence, work together, ask a neighbor), QR code, class sound level, and more.  


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#NYCSchoolsTechChat: The First 5 Days. Tonight at 7pm EST

This week #NYCSchoolsTech educators attended the #NYCSchoolsTechSummit where they learned all sorts of fresh ideas, techniques, and strategies to implement in the classroom this fall. What did they learn? That's the topic of the August #NYCSchoolsTechChat where we'll discuss the first 5 days of the school year. What protocols do you implement to start your school year off on the right foot? How

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