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Innovative Tips to Share with Parents in a Minute from @WNETeducation

Innovative educators know the importance of family outreach. They also understand that to build a strong relationship with parents, there needs to be plenty of positive and useful contact made for busy families.

To help with that WNET Education has created Parenting Minutes. These short videos focus on key topics related to early childhood learning and raising children. Each video page contains

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Simple Guide to Analyzing Media with Key Questions from @MediaLiteracyEd

Innovative educators know media literacy is important. Common Sense Education explains that media literacy helps kids with the following:

Learn to think critically. 
Become a smart consumer of products and information. 
Recognize point of view. 
Create media responsibly. 
Identify the role of media in our culture
Understand the author's goal. 

What innovative educators may not know is how to

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Easy Peasy Guide to Capturing & Sharing Links to Screenshots

Innovative Educators often pursue certifications to let others understand skills and areas of expertise. Here are some easy ways to capture and share screenshots of accomplishments.  

Here is how to do this:

Step 1: Select Print

Step 2: Select Save to Google Drive

Step 3: Right click and select "Get shareable link."

Step 4: Copy link and ensure "Anyone with the link can view"


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Innovative Educators Don't Make Calls. They Text.

Communication has changed in the digital age. Today the rules are different. Ringers are off and educators no longer make or take calls unless a time has specifically been set to do so. Instead, if they want to get a message to someone they send a text.

Here's why:

There are too many spam callers. No one wants to be on constant phone alert because too many times it is an unwanted caller. 

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Make Photos Speak In Multiple Languages

There is technology that allows you to take a photo of a poster, book, page from a magazine, etc. then
convert it to text. From there it can be read aloud, translated, and read aloud
in the translated language. It can also be brought into a word processing
program for editing in the translated language to increase accuracy.

Here are some ways this technology makes content accessible to

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The Innovative Educator Named Top 10 Ed Leadership Blog

The Innovative Educator was selected from thousands of blogs as a top educational leadership blog by Feedspot using search and social metrics. This is the most comprehensive list of educational leadership blogs. 

Feedspot selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.

Blogs are ranked

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Google Slides Has Easy Peasy Accessible Closed Captions

Closed captioning is helpful for many students when listening to presentations, but it wasn't always easy to provide. 

Until now. 

Closed captioning in Google Slides is easy peasy? Just select "Present" and select "captions." Have questions? Read this "how to" from Google or watch the demo below.

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Inbox Zero or Inbox Infinity? Which Type Are You?

When friends or colleagues celebrate their "Inbox Zeros" I'm thinking, (not saying) really? "Is that how you want to spend (ahem waste) your time? Inbox Zero is so last decade." Interestingly many of the Inbox Zero folks are those who are not the most responsive to emails. The ones you are always circling back to follow up on an email.  

Inbox zero ? increased efficiency
Getting your inbox to

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#NYCSchoolsTechChat: Valentine's Special Tonight at 7 p.m.

As Valentine's Day approaches, this chat will give participants ideas for way we can touch our students' hearts so we can reach their minds.

#NYCSchoolTech teacher Eileen Lennon moderates with me throwing in my two cents.

You can prepare for the conversation by thinking about answers to these questions:

Q1 What innovative approaches are you using in your classroom to

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2 Tips to Connect with More Families on Facebook

More and more educators and schools are using Facebook to connect with families. However, they might not be connecting with as many families as possible if they are not ensuring they are posting inclusive content. This is particularly important in places like New York City which serves a population where 20% of students have disabilities. About half of the population speaks a language other than

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