Hack Education Weekly News: College Football Players Win Bid to Unionize

In this week's education news: a huge victory for student athletes at Northwestern University, who've been given the go ahead to form a union. New leadership at Coursera and edX -- the former, the former president of Yale and the latter, a former Vistaprint exec. Because who better to lead the charge for MOOC 2.0. Or something. 2U prepares to IPO. A bunch of startups raise money. Knewton's CEO insists that learning styles are real because he said so. And the beat goes on.

Hack Education Weekly News: If MOOCs are Outlawed, Only Outlaws...

In this week's education news, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address. It was pretty dull. I think he mentioned education stuff. Atlanta was hit by a massive snowstorm that left thousands of students stranded in school buses and at school. They responded with far more grace than did the students at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who did not get a snow day and took to Twitter with racist and sexist epithets about the school chancellor. Go team.

Museo, a 100 metros

Hace un par de semanas tuve la ocasión de visitar El Salvador dentro del programa Dos Museos, Dos Naciones, Una Identidad, un proyecto financiado por el Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos que pretende fomentar la comunicación multicultural entre la comunidad de Columbia Heights en Washington, D.C. y las comunidades de Ciudad Victoria, Sensuntepeque, Chirilagua e Intipucá en El Salvador.

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An Important Kindle Update

Kindle Fail
I shipped my new Kindle Fire back to Amazon over the weekend, exchanging it for a regular plain ol’ Kindle.

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