Ecologies of Knowledge: The Role of Libraries and Librarians in the OER Movement

Our presentation at this year’s AAAL conference highlighted several findings from a survey distributed to 155 university-level language program directors (LPDs). The study provides a snapshot of the progress of open education in the field of language learning in the United States. In one section of the survey, we asked LPDs questions about whether or not they had considered the library as a resource to support development and use of open educational resources (OER) in their foreign language (FL) programs.

Free Collaborative Video Creation with iPads

This is a guest post from Greg Kulowiec of, an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. 

Publishing student video that is created with iPads can be a challenging process, especially with younger students. Even schools that are Google Apps typically decide to turn off YouTube uploads to the student accounts. However, with the use of a handful of free applications, students can create video content on iPad, share their creation with a teacher, and then have the teacher upload to their YouTube channel or a class YouTube channel.

Stoodle: Free Virtual Whiteboard!

Need to communicate with students remotely in a pinch? Check out Stoodle, a free, online platform that allows you to quickly hop on a whiteboard. No sign-ups and no downloads required! This platform is super easy to use and has a very clean, modern interface.

LLU Live #18: Interactive Fiction

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inklewriterDuring today’s LLU Live Talk today we will talk about interactive fiction.

12 Smart iPad Apps For Collaborative Learning

12 Smart iPad Apps For Collaborative Learning Using the iPad for collaborative learning isn’t the most seamless thing in the world. For one, you have to define what you mean by collaborative learning, and here we...The post 12 Smart iPad Apps For Collaborative Learning appeared first on TeachThought.

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