Announcing ALTfest Radio

As part of the storytelling theme from this first annual ALTfest conference at VCU, Barbara and I would like to provide everyone within earshot the opportunity to contribute to ALTfest Radio. This is a homegrown radio show populated by ALTfest participants, whether virtual or in person.

Commenting on Dropbox & Box Files - Alternatives to Google Drive

It is not a secret that I love Google Drive and use it for nearly everything that I do in my professional life.

Introducing The TeachThought ‘Diverse Teacher Voices’ Program

diverse-teacher-voices-fiIntroducing The TeachThought ‘Diverse Teacher Voices‘ Program
by TeachThought Staff

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Start Something: 13 Teacher Strategies For Digital Collaboration

Start Something: 13 Teacher Strategies For Digital Collaboration
by TeachThought Staff
Teacher collaboration is among the cornerstones of school improvement. When teachers connect–for the right reasons–good things happen.

MFL Show and Tell at Marple Hall School: Prepare your Learners to be 21st Century Language Learners

Please save the  date for this great event in the North West!


A few words from Ana Castillo, event organiser.


«We warmly welcome your attendance and input at our Show and Tell. Our hope is that a broad range of language ideas are discussed and shared with some focus given to the challenges we face with the imminent curriculum changes. More so than at any time before we are tasked with

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Ecologies of Knowledge: The Role of Libraries and Librarians in the OER Movement

Our presentation at this year’s AAAL conference highlighted several findings from a survey distributed to 155 university-level language program directors (LPDs). The study provides a snapshot of the progress of open education in the field of language learning in the United States. In one section of the survey, we asked LPDs questions about whether or not they had considered the library as a resource to support development and use of open educational resources (OER) in their foreign language (FL) programs.

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