Schools and Colleges Try Virtual Reality Science Labs. But Can VR Replace a Cadaver?

When Case Western Reserve University launches a new health education campus with the Cleveland Clinic next year, one feature will be conspicuously absent. There will be no place for cadavers.The school plans to replace the usual anatomy labs with a new series of hands-on experiences, including a virtual-reality simulation.The reason, says Mark Griswold, a professor at the medical school, is that running a cadaver lab is costly and difficult.

Can AR/VR Improve Learning? Integrating Extended Reality Into Academic Programs #DLNchat

When educators talk about bringing learning into the real world does that include the virtual world? Proponents claim virtual and augmented reality can enhance learning experiences like we’ve never seen before, bringing students into contact with environments they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. But can mixed reality become too real for the learner? Could it stifle creativity? And should we be concerned, or will the hype fade?

Mixed Reality Will Transform Learning (and Magic Leap Joins Act One)

Despite all the hype in recent years about the potential for virtual reality in education, an emerging technology known as mixed reality has far greater promise in and beyond the classroom. Unlike experiences in virtual reality, mixed reality interacts with the real world that surrounds us. Digital objects become part of the real world. They’re not just digital overlays, but interact with us and the surrounding environment.

Why This Student-Run YouTube Club Is About More Than Making Videos

Two years ago when Erick Hanson migrated from history teacher to media specialist he had one big goal in mind: to make the library cool again.“If kids weren't coming into the library to check out books because they need the information or they just want to read for leisure, where are they going instead?” says Hanson, who works at Pennsylvania’s East Pennsboro School District, near Harrisburg.

Where Personalized Learning Meets Social Emotional Learning

Want to take a look inside some of the innovative schools in America? The second annual EdSurge Fusion conference is designed to be your entryway.

Tech Training and Apprenticeship Startup Kenzie Academy Raises $4.2M

When coding bootcamps first arrived on the (predominantly coastal) scene, they pitched themselves as alternatives to the college experience.

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This Accelerator Seeks To Scale Equity in Schools By Mixing the Start-Up Mentality With Social Justice

Caroline Hill is a firecracker. She keynoted the Blended Learning Conference in Rhode Island and iNACOL in Florida. At both events, she asked educators to challenge their notions of the use of technology in the classrooms and their conversations around equity.

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Google Launches New Feedback Tool ‘Course Kit’ to Eliminate Assignment Uploads

Do your school’s students submit their school assignments by uploading PDFs or other files within a learning management system? If so, a new tool from Google is looking to upend that practice—by connecting the LMS directly to Google Drive.

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Does Online Education Help Low-income Students Succeed?

From the start, access has been the defining achievement of online learning. Or so I thought.

Hiring? The Secret to Finding Hidden Edtech Talent

Finding the right candidate is not only important in order to get the job done but it is also essential for building a healthy company culture. So how do you find the perfect hire? A big part of that strategy is knowing where to look to find the kind of high-quality candidates you want to add to your roster. We decided to sit down with the EdSurge Job’s team to talk specifically about how to locate “hidden” edtech talent. Here are their suggestions on where to find your perfect candidate.Hiding in plain sight

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