Where’s The Innovation In Education Coming From?

usdeptofeducation Where’s The Innovation In Education Coming From?
by Terry Heick
Innovation matters because it reflects and causes adaptations to a changing world.

Starting From Scratch: A Public School Built on Dreams of Students and Parents

A public school near San Diego is proving that district schools can be just as innovative as charters.

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Innovate with Houston A+ Challenge this school year!

 If you type the word “innovation” into a Google search, you’ll get 125 million results in under half a second. Awesome? Yes. Overwhelming? Absolutely. In a world where information is accessible and expansive, how do we as educators begin to understand what innovation looks like in a focused, applicable format?

Innovate, Don’t Automate

A little something I whipped up, inspired by Alan November‘s conversation around redesigning the way we use technology in the classroom. Not necessarily a new idea, but a distinction that I think is often missing in classrooms: the difference between automating tasks and assignments with technology versus innovating the classroom practices.

Against "Innovation" #CNIE2014

Here are the slides and the notes from my talk today at CNIE in beautiful Kamloops, British Columbia. Initially I wanted to talk about some of the differences between the cultures of education and Silicon Valley and how "innovation" is framed by both. Instead, I found myself a heading down a rabbit hole with the etymology of the word "innovation." What I fear is that we talk about "innovation" without any referent except that somehow -- magically and inevitably -- "the new" is good, technology is good, technology is progress. We conflate "innovation" with positive social change.

The Key To Innovation: Making Smart Analogies

If we know that X does Y when Z, is it possible that A does Y when Z, too? That’s often how innovations get their start, in the lab and elsewhere: by taking a familiar starting point and using it as...

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