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The Future of the College Bookstore

The release of the new Amazon Kindle Fire last week has prompted a new round of interest and excitement about the potential for students to lighten the load in their backpacks, so heavily weighted down with heavy textbooks. The Kindle Fire, cheaper than the iPad and an Android tablet to boot, is the latest new hope for digital course materials.

Is The Amazon Kindle Fire the Hot, New Educational Tablet? (Um, No)

The initial reviews for the new Kindle Fire have been fairly lukewarm, many tech pundits pronouncing that the new Amazon tablet will be no iPad killer.

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The Rise of the Low-Cost Tablet & the Promise It May Hold for Learning

When Amazon unveiled its new Android tablet, the Kindle Fire last month, analysts said that its price could well make it a viable competitor to the wildly successful iPad. Indeed, while the iPad has ignited great interest in tablet computing, particularly in schools, that interest has really just been interest in iPads. The Kindle Fire’s price ($199) is a lot cheaper than the iPad (which starts $499).

Amazon’s Kindle Fire: Not the Android Tablet Schools Have Been Waiting For

At a press event in NYC today, Amazon officially unveiled what many have long been waiting for: its Android tablet.  The Kindle Fire is the latest entry into the tablet market, which up until today has been so utterly dominated by Apple’s iPad that it’s hard to even call it a market.

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