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How Social Media Encourages Plagiarism (and Six Ways You Can Fight It)

Has the ubiquity of social media given plagiarism new life?

What Research Says About Driving Growth for Writers With Practice, Feedback and Revision

Because we know that becoming a successful writer is crucial to a student’s overall trajectory at school, work, and as a citizen, teachers must identify the tools that can best support writing instruction including the overlapping processes of drafting, review, an

How Social Media Can Help Teach Good Writing

For all the hype Millennials get, nearly every K-12 student today is part of its successor generation—Gen Z—a group more plugged in and social than ever before. The internet is awash in surveys touting the inseparable connection between kids and technology.

Has Strunk and White Struck Out of Writing Instruction?

Ann Hall wishes people would return to William Strunk and E.B. White’s “The Elements of Style.”Currently, she’s a professor in the comparative humanities department at the University of Louisville. She recommends Strunk and White to her undergraduate students, and asks her dissertation students to use it. She also uses Strunk and White indirectly, when she makes on students’ papers and during class discussions.

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