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Teaching Is as Stressful as an ER. These Calming Strategies Can Help.

There is something going on in the back of the room. Two students are fighting over a piece of paper. The paper rips. Shouting begins. All of your students suddenly turn their attention to the back and you feel out of control. There’s just five minutes left and you still have to cover one more important point in your lesson.

How Anonymous Peer Editing Changed the Culture of My Classroom

Today was the day. I was about to utter the dreaded words “peer editing.” As I began class with my eighth graders, I told them we would be editing each other’s research papers during our double class period. The reactions included the predictable eye rolls, heavy sighs, and for some, visible panic. We’d done this before—but what they didn’t know was that this time we were going to edit each other's work anonymously. As soon as I mentioned that word, “anonymously,” the mood in the room shifted and students sat up a bit straighter in their seats. I began feeling optimistic.

What the Voice of Morgan Freeman Taught Me About Improving Classroom Engagement

Just recently, my organization put on an epic education state leadership conference in the mountains of Georgia. It had the usual general session speakers, breakouts, multi-colored name tag ribbons and vendor halls. However, we wanted to grab educators from the moment they sat down, and let them know our event was a bit different—and we were proud of it. For that, we turned to Morgan Freeman.

Teen Mothers Need a Lot of Support. This New Orleans School Actually Provides It.

NEW ORLEANS — Photos of students in silver-blue caps and gowns line the walls of Elizabeth Ostberg’s office. There must be over a hundred of them, faces beaming and proud.Graduation is a momentous occasion for any student, but for those who come through the NET Charter High School, it carries extra meaning.

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Kid-Tracking Sensors May Not Be the Wildest Thing About This Montessori Model

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — On a tree-lined avenue, between shops, cafes and row houses about a half mile from Harvard University, sits a uniquely high-tech school in a narrow storefront. Kids don’t spend time in front of screens, though. In fact, they never even see them. Instead, the tech is embedded into the environment almost invisibly. Cameras record students, who range in age from two to six, as they move around the room, and sensors in their matching green slippers track their exact location and the objects they touch.

Why Edtech Specialists Should Focus on Transformation, Not Tools

In the last decade, schools have dedicated tremendous resources to deploying technology into the classroom. As they invested in hardware and software, they began employing educational technology specialists to incorporate technology that improves pedagogy. Ideally, these specialists partner with teachers to design unique and creative experiences using new technology to boost engagement and risk-taking.

After Early Results, Personalized Learning Is 'Quickly Becoming District-Wide' in Dallas

Students at Dan D. Rogers Elementary School in Texas get an unusual introduction to technology. As they transition from first grade, to second, to third, their classroom devices change, too.One year they’ll use an iPad. The next, they’ll try a Kindle. After that, a Surface device, then a Chromebook.

How Video Coaching Leads to More Honest Teaching

You know that squirmy feeling you get when you hear a recording of your own voice? Maybe you listen back to your voicemail greeting to make sure it’s really you? Multiply that feeling by ten and you’ll get an idea of how it initially feels to watch videos of yourself teaching.When we first began doing video coaching at Brevig Mission School in Northwestern Alaska, I was nervous. So were my colleagues. But sometimes all you need is a little push.

Adolescent Wellness Program Builds Flexible Learners

Sitting on my mat, in a room full of seventh graders, I said to myself, “Something is wrong.” It was too quiet, too calm. As I led the group through our opening rounds of sun salutations, I was unable to shake the thought, but when I opened my eyes it suddenly occurred to me that the room was silent because everyone was engaged in the movement and breathwork that I was leading.

Bringing Tech to the Tundra: Educators Are Bridging the Technology Gap in Alaska

How are rural schools, which face logistical obstacles unheard of in more urban districts, finding ways to provide their students with technology? If one Alaska district is any indication, it’s through a combination of creative problem solving.

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