5 Strategies For Engaging The Netflix Generation

TEST netflix-generation-engage-students-with-video5 Strategies For Engaging Students With Video
by James Cross

Word Crimes - Weird Al's Reminders About Common Grammar Errors

I'm a day behind YouTube trends so I just learned about Weird Al's new music video, Word Crimes. Word Crimes is a parody of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines (I don't know who is either) in which Weird Al points out some common grammar errors and how to correct those errors. The video is embedded below. descarga facilmente contenidos de la red.

¿Quieres descargar un video de Youtube de forma sencilla y rápida? 

Si es así, te aconsejo que realices los siguientes pasos:

1. Accede al enlace del video de Youtube cual estás interesado para reproducirlo.

2. Selecciona la dirección URL para modificarla:

3. Borra el contenido "https://www." y añade "ss" (tal y como se observa en la imagen) y presiona Intro para acceder a la web

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YouTube Tools, Blogger Directions, and Keynote Slides for Trinity Valley School and Others

This morning I had the privilege to speak to teachers at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, TX. The topic of my presentation was one that I've presented many times over the last year, Discovery, Discussion, and Demonstration. During my presentation I mentioned some of the neat features of the YouTube video editor and I mentioned the need for teachers to create classroom blogs or websites.

¿Dónde está el código EMBED en Youtube?

Viendo el post de Ines (@lajaines) del miercoles 7: Código para insertar un elemento en una web, recupero una entrada que ya hace tiempo realice en uno de mis sites: Las Ciencias y Moodle ( ya que lo que hay en él no solo se aplica a Moodle sino támbien a cualquier blog. 

La idea es que muchas veces necesitamos saber donde se encuentra el código que

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Learning About and From Obsolete Objects

A friend of mine recently Instagrammed a picture of the boom box that she used to crank-up in high school.

Methods for Projecting YouTube Videos Without "Related" Videos

The righthand margin on YouTube can be a laden with "related" videos that you don't want to display to students when you use a YouTube video in your classroom. Hare are some tools you can use to display YouTube videos without displaying the sidebar advertisements and related videos.

Did You Know This About YouTube?

YouTube Help offers three helpful playlists for learning tips and tricks about YouTube and the YouTube mobile apps.

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