Anuncio buenísimo para tu clase del lunes

Hace muchos años hice como alumno un curso de formación de profesores que era importante para mi futuro profesional donde uno de mis tutores se quejaba de la “poca planificación” de mis clases, parte integral del curso. Desde que comencé como profesor, me ha gustado llevar “casi nada” de material … Continue reading

Two YouTube Search Methods You Might Be Overlooking

YouTube can be a great source of educational videos to share with your students. It can also be a great source of frustration to weed through all of the content on YouTube to find the best videos to share with your students. There are couple of easy things that you can do to find better content more quickly than just browsing through long lists of search results.

How to Collaboratively Create YouTube Playlists - Updated

Last year I published a video about how to collaboratively create YouTube playlists. Since then the steps for doing that have changed a little bit. Also this week I had someone ask if I could make a video about making YouTube playlists. To address both items I created the new tutorial video, How to Collaboratively Create YouTube Playlists, that you should see embedded below.

Protect Student Privacy With Face Blurring In YouTube

In the last week I have given a couple of presentations about creating and editing videos in the classroom. In both presentations I shared how to blur faces and places in your YouTube videos. Doing that can be a good way to protect the privacy of students who don't want their images to appear in school videos that are posted online. In the YouTube video editor you can select which faces and objects you want to blur in your videos.

A Good Way to Refine YouTube Search Results

When you search on YouTube the results will be a mix of current videos along with video

Displaying YouTube Without Distractions

In my previous post I shared the idea of using extended display mode to choose what is and isn't displayed on the projector in your classroom. If one of the things that you want to display is a YouTube video, you'll want to make sure that you don't accidentally display the "related" videos that appear on YouTube. You can avoid displaying related videos by using one of the following free tools.

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