Maldita Nerea (Lyric Video)

El grupo de pop rock español Maldita Nerea ha producido recientemente algunos lyric videos que a mi juicio son innnovadores y bien pudieran llamar la atención de los estudiantes de español. 

Uno de ellos es esta canción "A quien quiera escuchar", aunque también podrán encontrar otros ejemplos del mismo grupo, como "Desde las nubes".

Los lyric videos son un tipo de vídeos relativamente

Advertising and What YouTube Knows About You

We've all had the annoying experience of going to show a YouTube video in a classroom or to a friend only to have an advertisement play for five, ten, or thirty seconds before you can actually watch the video. How does YouTube know which ads to show to you? That's partly based on your viewing habits and the channels to which you subscribe. It's also partly based on what advertisers are willing to pay to appear on a video. That process happens in less than a second.

Vizia, crear vídeos interactivos fácilmente

Hoy os presento una nueva aplicación educativa.Esta aplicación permite crear vídeos interactivos de manera sencilla y rápida, para compartir o incrustar en blogs o webs, con la posibilidad de recoger los resultados directamente en una hoja de cálculo de Drive o exportando datos en formato CSV. de manera, como anuncian en su página, 100% gratuita.

Lo primero que tenemos que hacer es

How to Collaborate to Create YouTube Playlists

Last fall I published a video in which I demonstrated how to collaboratively create a YouTube playlist. The concepts in that video are still valid, but the layout of YouTube has recently changed a bit. Therefore, it I made an updated video that demonstrates how to collaboratively create a YouTube playlist.

Applications for Education

How to Find and Use YouTube Embed Codes

You might have noticed that YouTube made some layout changes. One of those changes included altering the sharing menu and moving the location of the embed codes for videos. Someone emailed me this morning asking for help on finding the location of the embed codes for YouTube videos. I made the following short screencast to explain where to find and how to use YouTube embed codes.

Applications for Education

How to Share a Portion of a YouTube Video

Over the years I have used videos to recap a lesson, to introduce a new concept, and to spark discussion amongst my students. When sharing videos with students I will often share just a portion of it. Usually, this means that I have them skip the first twenty or thirty seconds that has intro or pre-roll material. And occasionally there are longer videos that I my students to skip to the middle before starting to watch the balance of the video. Here are three good ways to share a portion of a video with your students.

Try YouTube Live To Reach More Students

Back in May I shared how Tom Richey was using YouTube Live to host AP World History review sessions for students. That's one way to use YouTube Live to help your students. Another way to use YouTube Live is to broadcast and record lessons from your classroom.

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