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Posibilidades de la plataforma Facebook para el aprendizaje colaborativo en línea

Facebook ( quizás sea hoy el ejemplo más «palpable» de los entornos denominados redes sociales o 2.0. Las redes sociales son plataformas que facilitan el intercambio de información, la interacción y la colaboración entre sus usuarios. El éxito de Facebook como red social, sin embargo, no depende sólo de su capacidad para conectar personas, aunque sea esta su orientación inicial.

Proposing an integrated research framework for connectivism: Utilising theoretical synergies

Connectivism is receiving acknowledgement as a fresh way of conceptualising learning in the digital age. Thus, as a relatively new instructional framework, it is imperative that research on its applicability and effectiveness in a variety of educational contexts is advanced.

Frameworks for understanding the nature of interactions, networking, and community in a social networking site for academic practice

This paper describes a new social networking site, Cloudworks, which has been developed to enable discussion and sharing of learning and teaching ideas/designs and to promote reflective academic practice. The site aims to foster new forms of social and participatory practices (peer critiquing, sharing, user-generated content, aggregation, and personalisation) within an educational context.

Interconnecting networks of practice for professional learning

The article explores the complementary connections between communities of practice and the ways in which individuals orchestrate their engagement with others to further their professional learning. It does so by reporting on part of a research project conducted in New Zealand on teachers’ online professional learning in a university graduate diploma program on ICT education.

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