Future Of Learning: Passionate Peers, Death Of The Classroom, Technologies As Tools - Emerging Trends

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"When... peer negotiations occur in a context of public scrutiny, youth are motivated to develop their identities and reputations through these peer-based networks, exchanging comments and links and jockeying for visibility. These efforts at gaining recognition are directed at a network of respected peers rather than formal evaluations of teachers or tests."
Excerpted from the Living and Learning with New Media (Ito, Horst, Bittani, et al., 2008) report published at the end of 2008, this is one of the valuable findings emerging from the latest research on how we actually learn.

Konrad Glogowski, education and new technologies expert, looks at the conclusions of this report and analyzes what we are realizing about the limits of our present day teaching approach and what is that we need in its place.