Get on the Bus and Stay On

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It’s not everyday that I get a postcard with a picture of an elephant trying to get on a double decker bus, but when I do, I like to share about it.
The picture itself is so great – an apt metaphor for life as we know it.
Much of what we do is filled with difficulty, with striving and struggling, with the need to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.
Like getting an elephant onto a bus.
And yet, it is to those who persevere, who stay the course and sustain that usually achieve their goals in the end.
There is sometimes no greater formula for success than sticking with it.
Better methods help.
More efficiency helps.
The right resources help.
But in the end, we just have to stick with it, day after day.
We have to get on the bus and stay on it.
The road to success is often paved with failures and setbacks, frustration and discouragement.
But there is also joy.  And fun.  And excitement.
In fact there has to be joy and fun and excitement – if not, most of us will surely quit.
Find the joy.
Find the fun.
Find the excitement and above all else, stick with it!
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Spanish Obsessed

Scan 10The postcard.

The postcard above came all the way from England from Rob and Liz.
Rob and Liz are the creators of Spanish Obsessed, a great site to get you started if Spanish is your language of choice.
There are all kinds of great resources as well as a fantastic blog to keep you motivated and having fun as you learn Spanish.
[Click here to visit Spanish Obsessed]
You can follow Rob on Twitter as well – @rob_spanish
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