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#NYCSchoolsTechChat: Professional Learning Opportunities - Thursday at 7pm

What type of learning opportunities do you provide or attend at your school or in your district? That's what we'll be discussing during our next #NYCSchoolsTechChat on Thursday, December 14th at 7 p.m.

During the chat we will share ideas that may inspire one another as well as agendas, resources, and materials.

#NYCSchoolTech teacher Eileen Lennon (@eileen_lennon) moderates with me

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Education's Online Futures

This is part six of my annual look at the year’s “top ed-tech stories

Some of the most oft-told tales in education in recent years have the following plot: the students all move from “brick-and-mortar” to “online.” It’s an inevitable move, or so the story goes.

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Will Net Neutrality Reversal Hurt Digital Learning? As Vote Approaches, Mixed Opinions

Many university faculty members and higher-ed advocates are on edge this week over an upcoming vote by the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday that may reverse net neutrality.

How To Buy Bitcoin—And Why You Should Consider It

How To Buy Bitcoin—And Why You Should Consider It by TeachThought Staff The following links are affiliate links. You can read more about our affiliate policy here, but the general premise is that we receive a very small % of revenue from anything you buy via clicking. If you want to make sure the seller […]
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Ready Station1? Former MIT Dean Shares More Details About Her New Research University

When Christine Ortiz announced nearly two years ago that she was taking leave from her job as a dean at MIT to build a new kind of research university, the idea went viral, even though she offered few details. The effort didn’t even have a name yet.

How to ReMake Your Classroom and Inspire Hands-On Learning in the New Year

Over the past decade, Making has transformed education with its emphasis on innovation, collaboration, and hands-on problem solving. Along the way, new tools have evolved to help teachers ignite creativity and tackle real world challenges. EdSurge has shared these educators' stories—as well as those of students who tinker and take risks, build confidence and develop resilience.

How Teaching Using Mindfulness or Growth Mindset Can Backfire

Art Markman is an expert on what makes people tick. The psychology professor at UT Austin has also become a popular voice working to translate research from the lab into advice for a general audience. He’s co-authored popular books, including Brain Briefs Answers to the Most and Least Pressing Questions About Your Mind. He also writes a blog for Psychology Today magazine, and co-hosts a podcast through Austin’s NPR station called Two Guys on Your Head.


Guiñar es un verbo curioso. Tiene un significado muy específico: ‘cerrar un ojo un momento mientras se deja el otro abierto’. El siguiente ejemplo sirve para ilustrarlo: (1) Se metieron en el coche y mi padre le guiñó un ojo [Ignacio Martínez de Pisón: Carreteras secundarias].


Hace unos días me invitaron a compartir un post en Dinantia. Dinantia es una plataforma de comunicación web y móvil dirigida a colegios, profesores, padres y alumnos que puedes conocer mejor a través de este video.

En este trimestre, con mis alumnos de la Facultad de Educación andamos a vueltas con el tema de "metodologías activas", y me permití compartir el siguiente artículo, que deseo sirva

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Does Preschool Pay Off? Tulsa Program Demonstrates Success

In 2001, not long after Oklahoma had adopted one of the nation’s first universal pre-K programs, researchers from Georgetown University began tracking kids who came out of the program in Tulsa, documenting their academic progress over time.
In a new report published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management today, researchers were able to show that Tulsa’s pre-K program has significant, positive effects on students’ outcomes and well-being through middle school.

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How a Japanese Magician Is Turning School Into Project-Based Summer Camps

These days, the concept of rethinking school has become the latest education buzzword, with everyone from the XQ Institute, book authors and U.S. education secretary Betsy DeVos touring across the country, championing the need to “rethink school” into something more relevant for today’s learner.