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10 Ways To Start Shifting Your Classroom Practices Little By Little

When a colleague invited Joy Kirr to a professional development day featuring the Scottish design thinking expert Ewan McIntosh she didn’t think it would be life changing. She was flattered to be asked, and wanted to make the most of the opportunity, but her experience of professional development up to that point didn’t lead her to believe it would be Earth-shattering.

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La educación según Mandela

La educación es el arma más poderosa que puedes usar para cambiar el mundo

(Nelson Mandela)

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: (1918-2013) fue un abogado, activista contra el apartheid, político y filántropo sudafricano que presidió su país de 1994 a 1999. Fue el primer mandatario de raza negra que encabezó el Poder Ejecutivo, y el primero en resultar elegido por sufragio universal en su país. Su

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Tips, Tricks and Tools to Build Your Inclusive Classroom Through UDL

Would you want to be a learner in your classroom? That’s not a trick question—think about it. Perhaps some of the activities and lessons wouldn’t resonate if you were sitting behind a desk listening to them yourself. This may be especially true in classrooms where material is presented in a one-size-fits-all format. After all, the more options students are given to complete assignments, the more likely it is they’ll find one that interests them.

El Modo Subjuntivo: nuevos cursos

Cursos de 15, 20 y 25 horas sobre el gran tema de los niveles intermedios y avanzados: el Modo Subjuntivo.

Paquetes de horas integrados por: práctica gramatical, escritura, comprensión auditiva y conversación, enfocados en las estructuras más importantes que usan el modo subjuntivo, para los niveles: Pre-intermedio e Intermedio 1 y 2.

Pregunta por costos y temarios de los tres cursos enviando

How a Stereotype-Smashing Teen Founded the First All-Girl Muslim Robotics Team

What can a 15-year-old from Chino Hills, CA do to help break down barriers and smash stereotypes? Zaina Siyed answered that question by creating the FemSTEM Robotics Scholarship Program, a free STEM program for Muslim girls aged 10 to 14.

Libraries Are Often Missing From ‘Student Success’ Initiatives. Researchers Are Asking How to Change That.

Libraries offer a refuge where students study, find books or take the occasional nap. But could these places soon provide additional services beyond homework help?A new report this week explores whether libraries can play a more proactive role in helping community college students succeed. Researchers started by first asking 37 students from seven community colleges what challenges they face, which will inform the next phase of the project: devising ways to test whether libraries can assist with barriers around, say, finances, childcare, transportation and other challenges.

How To Never Run Out Of New Ideas As A Teacher

How To Never Run Out Of New Ideas As A Teacher by Terry

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Six Strategies to Help Introverts Thrive at School and Feel Understood

In every classroom, teachers try to engage students who have a variety of temperaments: extroverts, introverts and ambiverts.

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El verbo DECIR

Muchos de mis alumnos tienen dudas con oraciones en las que, tras el
verbo DECIR, hay un verbo subordinado en indicativo o en subjuntivo.

Algunos verbos pueden usarse como verbos de voluntad o como verbos de
expresión, por lo que es importante identificar su sentido en contexto.

El verbo DECIR

Puede ser usado como verbo de lengua con múltiples sentidos: expresar,
afirmar, pronosticar,