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?Major Textbook Publishers Sue Follett Over Counterfeit Sales

Three of the country’s largest publishers, Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill Education and Cengage Learning, are suing Follett Corporation, a major textbook distributor, on charges of selling counterfeit textbooks in its stores.The companies claim many of Follett’s textbooks are purchased from questionable distributors that sell illegally-copied versions. “These scurrilous dealers are no better than those selling counterfeit watches on a street corner,” the complaint reads.

How To Get Fired As A Teacher

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How Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Highlights the Hybrid, ‘Omnichannel’ Future of Higher Ed

Last week, tech titan Amazon purchased grocer Whole Foods in a strategic move that captured the attention of the business community and general public.

Mayonesa, mahonesa, bayonesa

Mayonesa y mahonesa son dos variantes igual de válidas para referirse a la famosa salsa hecha a base de huevo y aceite. Hay que tener cuidado, eso sí, de no confundirlas con bayonesa, que es un producto de repostería. Vayamos por partes.

The History of the Pedometer (and the Problems with Learning Analytics)

These were my remarks as a guest speaker in Donna Murdoch's class “Online Teaching and Learning – Applying Adult Learning Principles” this evening. I was asked to speak about learning analytics, but like I said in my keynote last week at NMC, ed-tech is boring. So this is a talk about pedometers.

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Free Webinar - Protecting Students While Empowering Them to Publish

Red Jumper, the producers of the popular Book Creator app, is hosting a free webinar about protecting students when they publish online.

Viaje a Andalucía

Era la primavera del año 2015 y tenía que pasar mis exámenes de diploma. Teníamos tres (!). Claro que teníamos diferentes clases preparatorias y casi no estudiábamos como antes, en los meses de abril y mayo. Fue un tiempo muy feliz, sin tomar en cuenta  los nervios y las noches casi toledanas a causa del calor. En este momento fue cuando decidí viajar a España porque vi una rebaja de

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38 Community Colleges Share What It Takes to Launch an OER Degree Program

The college affordability crisis has gained much attention in recent years, yet prices continue to climb. Tuition increased 89 percent from 2002 to 2012, and textbook prices—which cost anywhere from $600 to $1300 today—rose 82 percent over the same period, according to U.S. Government Accountability Office.

ASU’s Starbucks Deal Was Just the Beginning

About two years ago Arizona State University famously inked a deal with Starbucks, allowing its baristas to get steeply discounted (in some cases free) tuition to take online courses from ASU. A cover story in The Atlantic hailed it as the future of college access.