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How a Japanese Magician Is Turning School Into Project-Based Summer Camps

These days, the concept of rethinking school has become the latest education buzzword, with everyone from the XQ Institute, book authors and U.S. education secretary Betsy DeVos touring across the country, championing the need to “rethink school” into something more relevant for today’s learner.

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I’m halfway through my annual series on the year’s “Top Ed-Tech Trends” – all the stories that we’ve been told about education technology and the future of education in 2017. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the word count. I know I am.

This means it’s also time to post my annual reminder that the work I do on Hack Education is supported almost entirely through readers’ donations.

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#DLNchat: Where the Digital Learning Network Connects

What’s the best metaphor for describing the role of an instructional designer? How can digital learning help improve graduation rates? How might adaptive learning courseware change the work of faculty? Who should be responsible for protecting students’ privacy? How do you learn about new edtech products?

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Why Every School’s Edtech Department Should Make Themselves Obsolete

In the last decade, schools have put significant resources into academic technology in an effort to improve instruction and prepare students for a rapidly changing workforce. Many have created new staff positions or entirely new departments, such as Technology Integration, to act as liaisons between teachers and traditional IT departments, and to help teachers use edtech in the classroom.

The Science of Snowflakes

Here in western Maine we're expecting our second real snowstorm of the winter to arrive tonight. This has reminded me of a couple of educational videos that explain the science of snowflakes.

The Science of Snowflakes is a TED-Ed video lesson that explains how snowflakes are formed, why they're all different, and why seem to be "wetter" than others. The video also explains why all skiing is water skiing.

Five Tools for Creating Animations on Chromebooks

Yesterday's post about the PuppetMaster app prompted a couple of people to ask me if there is anything similar available for Chromebook use. While I can't think of anything that is free and exactly like PuppetMaster, here are some options for creating animated videos on Chromebooks.

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