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What Happens When the Digital Revolution Descends on Springfield Elementary

D'OH! Nod if this sounds familiar. An elementary school gets a big check to "buy every student a tablet computer and upgrade [the] entire school with the latest cloud-based technology," only to have everything go awry. No, we're not quoting another story of bad tech implementation in schools—but rat

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Blackboard's Buying Spree Continues: X-Ray Analytics Becomes 10th Acquisition Since 2014

X-RAY ANALYTICS: Blackboard's buying spree continues with the acquisition of X-Ray Analytics, a predictive analytics technology that the Washington, DC-based company says "provides deep insights on learner behavior and identifies trends at course, cross-course and institutional levels." Terms of the

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How to Use a Semicolon - A TED-Ed Lesson for Almost Everyone

When I was a freshman at Central Connecticut State University I had a professor say to me, "you throw around punctuation like it's confetti." There are days when that sta

Liverpool MFL Conference, 6th July 2015, Jaguar Rover

I had a great day in Liverpool at the conference organised by Hilary Jones of  Network for Languages North West. Other speakers included OFSTED inspector Liz Kelly and the fabulous Juliet Park.
A fantastically productive day!

As promised, here are the slides I used for my session:

Department of Education Releases "Stories of Edtech Innovation" Site

SHARE YOUR STORY: It's expensive to fly all over the country to visit schools and learn about their best edtech practices. But the Office of Educational Technology has your back. During ISTE, the OET released a "Stories of Edtech Innovation" page on its site, filled with school model descriptions fr

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FotoJet - Another Free Tool for Creating Image Collages

Creating image collages can be a nice way for students to summarize the highlights of a school event, demonstrate photography skills, or assemble a little story to introduce themselves to their new classmates in the fall. From Google Drawings, to PicCollage, to PicMonkey there are plenty of tools for making digital image collages. FotoJet Collage Maker is a new-to-me tool to add to the list of options for creating image collages.

Ohio Dumps PARCC, Picks AIR to Deliver Common Core Tests in 2016

FRESH AIR: Ohio has dumped PARCC as its Common Core testing provider “after months of angry complaints about the new online tests having too many technology glitches and of eating up far too much learning time for students,” reports The state paid $26 million this past school year to

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Beyond Academics: What a Holistic Approach to Learning Could Look Like

From a child’s perspective, school, extracurricular activities and home are part of the continuous experience of life. From the perspective of teachers, coaches and parents, those experiences may seem more differentiated and are thus treated separately. However, if the adults in a child’s life approach his or her growth as a collaboration following a clear developmental path, every child will have a better chance at a life filled with choices and the skills to achieve goals, according to a report.

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