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Centros sin deberes

Los docentes somos gente rara. No hay duda. Miren estas noticias que enlazo desde diferentes medios de comunicación:

Los deberes no siempre ayudan (El País)
Radiografía de los 'malos' estudiantes españoles: más deberes, pero peores resultados (Europa Press)
La OCDE dice que el sistema educativo español no corrige las desigualdades (El Mundo)
Los alumnos españoles pierden más clase y hacen

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Tutorial: How to share images and videos from the Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera (iOS)

Video by Jeff Heil with Ricoh Theta S Camera

I have been obsessed with Virtual Reality apps and Google Cardboard recently, so I was thrilled when my school agreed to buy a Ricoh Theta S Camera (Thanks, Jim Sill, for the recommendation!). Taking 360° photos and videos is a breeze with this camera, but, unfortunately, experiencing Ricoh Theta images in VR with Google Cardboard is not

Is Quality Math Preparation The Next Equity Battleground?

Math education in the United States is consistently under the spotlight, in part because the majority of kids aren’t performing well on international tests that compare math achievement. Since jobs in science, technology, engineering and math fields are projected to grow, the country’s poor math performance worries many educators, business leaders and policy makers. Many affluent parents, who are themselves often employed in STEM fields, understand how important strong math skills could be to their children’s future success.

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Technology (and Its Implementation in Schools) Is Widening the Opportunity Gap

When I write articles for EdSurge, the intention is usually to write without opinion. But this piece isn’t going to be like that.The way we handle technology in schools is widening the opportunity gap. This isn’t just my opinion; many educators echoed this sentiment at the annual EduCon conference in Philadelphia and Teach for America’s (TFA) 25th anniversary summit.

SchoolMint, a Mobile-Native School Choice Platform, Mints a $5.6M Series A Round

You may have just bought a box of Thin Mints from the local Girl Scout troop (or maybe that's just me), but there’s a new mint in town, and it’s not a cookie.

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Imagine K12 Merges with Y Combinator

Imagine K12, the accelerator that sparked both edtech startups and other incubators, is merging with that granddaddy of accelerators, Y Combinator. Instead of a standalone entity, the program will be known as: "YC/Imagine K12."

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Learning Without Teachers, Textbooks, or Tests - A Personal Case Study

When it comes to learning, we’ve come a long way. We no longer have to go to a person or place to learn. Static textbooks are looked upon with dread by 21st century learners. Outdated multiple choice assessments are seen as a waste of time. Real-world, meaningful tasks are prefered. But, what does it mean if we no longer need the traditional elements, teachers, textbooks, and tests, to learn?

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