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Navigating ISTE 2016: A Cheatsheet for Attendees

I have had the opportunity to attend ISTE four times, and each time I attend, I discover new ways to make the most out of this wonderful experience. Each year, ISTE invites dynamic keynote speakers, conference presenters, and a huge exhibitor hall. Attending this conference connects visitors to educators, technology leaders, innovators, and edtech products from around the globe.

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Nuevo Dominio

Con ocasión de la publicación del nuevo Dominio -el manual de ELE nivel C en que he colaborado-, el asesor pedagógico de la editorial Edelsa Óscar Rodríguez me entrevista para la nueva sección del boletín:<

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14 Books That Connect Students with Valuable Scientists’ Struggles

Teens who read about the personal and intellectual struggles of scientists feel more motivated to learn science.  That was the finding of a recent study out of Teachers College, Columbia University and the University of Washington.

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Una década en el camino

Hace 10 años, el 26 de mayo de 2006, empezaba la andadura de este blog. Aunque no era mi primer blog, pues ya en 2003 había comenzado a escribir en la red algunos artículos, Re(paso) de lengua sería mi primer blog profesional orientado a la Educación. Después de aquella primera entrada, he publicado otras 650 notas que jalonan esta década en un camino más vital que virtual. Muchas cosas han

Saying 'No' to the Slide: 20+ Summer Opportunities for Educators and Students

It’s that time of year again—those last few weeks of May, when the bliss of summer break and freedom looms on the horizon. But wait! The work doesn’t stop just because school’s out. The summer offers a wealth of time to flex those learning muscles, for educators and students alike.In keeping with tradition, EdSurge puts out an annual summer opportunities article each year, and we’re back at it this May to help you prevent the dreaded “summer slide.”

¡Qué difícil es hablar el español!

Ayer, en la clase de "Historia de la Lengua española", con l@s alumn@s
de tercero, cerramos el capítulo sobre los americanismos y el español en
el mundo con esta divertida canción. Aquí os la dejamos con subtítulos. ¡Feliz día! 

VIF Learning Acquires K-12 Resource Search Engine Participate Learning

VIF International, a K-12 professional development company, has acquired Participate Learning, a teacher resource aggregator and search engine. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Why Grit Can’t Be Taught Like Math

Because noncognitive qualities like grit, curiosity, self-control, optimism, and conscientiousness are often described, with some accuracy, as
skills, educators eager to develop these qualities in their students quite naturally tend to treat them like the skills that we already know how to teach: reading, calculating, analyzing, and so on. And as the value of noncognitive skills has become more widely acknowledged, demand has grown for a curriculum or a textbook or a teaching strategy to guide us in helping students develop these skills.

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