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Software Helps Instructors Stop Mangling Hard-to-Pronounce Student Names

When Tresor Brill enters a classroom for the first time at the start of each semester, she knows what to expect: readings, class discussions, homework—and the professor mispronouncing her name (which should be pronounced “tray”-”soar”).Brill, an English major starting her senior year at Rice University, says hearing her name butchered by the professor is not exactly insulting, but it does cause discomfort. “It creates the sense that my teacher doesn't really care about saying your name right,” she says.

Nonprofit Bootcamps Want to Make Coding Accessible to Low-Income Learners

One of the selling points of for-profit coding bootcamps is their stellar placement rates (with some boasting as high as 100 percent of their students get jobs in the field after graduation). While some question those numbers, engineer Michelle Glauser sees a bigger problem—she says many of those bootcamps simply limit their enrollments to people who don’t need much more expertise to land a great job, to keep those numbers high.

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Primeras tareas creativas del año

Del verano a la vuelta a clase

Proyectos para empezar el curso con mucha marcha

Primeras tareas del an?o by Maria Pilar Carilla on Scribd

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8 Free Timers to Help You Keep Activities on Schedule

One of the challenges of teaching in a block schedule is that some high school and many middle school students struggle to focus for 80 minute, 90 minute, or longer bloc

How to Use Google Sheets to Create & Print Word Searches

Flippity is a service that I have been writing about for a few years now because they provide teachers with easy-to-use Google Sheets templates. The latest template released by Flippity enables you to quickly create a word search activity in Google Sheets. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use Google Sheets to create and print a word search.

Making Personalized Learning Real

If April is the cruelest month as the poets say, I nominate September as the most hopeful.

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How Dallas Educators Rethink Discipline to Restore Humanity in Schools

The Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) serves 330 students in grades 9 through 11. Students come to the school from 39 different Dallas neighborhoods—bringing a wide range of social-emotional experiences. Courtney Egelston, the school’s cofounder and assistant principal, learned early in her attempt to implement personalized learning that teachers had to address students' emotional needs.  [Our students] have radically different experiences and levels of trust with educators
Courtney Egelston