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What Has the Gates Foundation Learned After $3 Billion?

GATEWAY: At the Gates Foundation forum Wednesday, Bill and Melinda Gates gave a joint speech on what they’ve learned. Melinda Gates said that the government is more important than foundations. Bill Gates talked about the failure of promoting smaller schools. His foundation has spent $2 billion on cr

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A Five-Step Approach to Special Education and 'Universal Design Learning'

FOR THE SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS: Just as there are different paths up Yosemite’s Half Dome—for climbers of all levels—so too should there be different paths to help “atypical” students be successful. So argues edtech startup, Goalbook in a recent white paper, “Different Paths Up the Same Mountain

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Michael Horn Moves on From Clayton Christensen Institute

THERE IS A GREAT DISRUPTION IN THE FORCE. Michael Horn, one of the leading voices behind popular—and contested—theories about bringing “disruptive innovation” to education, has announced his departure from the Clayton Christensen Institute. Since 2007, Horn and his team have published numerous books

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Out with the Old (Lockers), In With the New (Charging Stations)

LOCKERS ON STEROIDS: One has to wonder: If schools are moving away from physical textbooks, is there a need for lockers anymore? In Virginia, Albemarle County Public Schools asked students if they wanted lockers. Here’s what they requested instead.

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Test para la nacionalidad española

Seguro que estáis al tanto de la prueba de conocimientos constitucionales y socioculturales de España (CCSE) que a partir de ahora será uno de los dos pruebas obligatorias que tendrán que realizar y aprobar las personas que deseen obtener la nacionalidad española. La otra es el DELE A2 (o superior). Ambas pruebas las administra el Instituto Cervantes. Pero dejando a un lado cualquier tipo de

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ESE 16 en el aire

¿Que os está pareciendo la entrega ESE16? ¡Esperamos que esté gustando!

Esta entrega está centrada en el uso de los interrogativos qué y cuál/cuáles: a analizar, descubrir, sistematizar, recordar, profundizar, plantearse nuevas preguntas… sobre su uso; cada uno desde su nivel, y con sus errores propios (y, muchas veces, compartidos).

Listening Journals

This entry is part of 10 in the series Teaching Listening

Developing one’s listening and speaking abilities is a slow, sometimes invisible process. In a 16 week semester it sometimes feels as if nothing of any merit is happening.

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My 5 Favorite Google Sheets Add-ons & How to Use Them

The addition of Add-ons to Google Sheets has made it easier than ever before to take advantage of the flexibility of spreadsheets.