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[Procomún] Cómo participar en el Espacio Procomún Educativo

Con el curso recién comenzado, nos parece conveniente recordar cómo se puede participar en el Espacio Procomún Educativo y formar parte de esta comunidad.

Learning How Students Learn to Code Online

LEARNING BY TEACHING: "Scary 'code or be coded' rhetoric haunts some of today’s learn-to-code initiatives, which is ridiculous," writes Christina Caciopoppo, an investor-turned-programmer who spent this summer teaching students how to code. "You shouldn’t learn to code if you don’t actually want to.

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Remind Raises $40M for School Text Messaging Service

REMIND: $40M to San Francisco-based Remind in a Series C round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Additional investors include The Social+Capital Partnership and First Round Capital. Since its founding in August 2011, Remind (formerly Remind 101) has endeavored to create the world's leadin

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Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Joins the Chromebook Party

CHROME GETS CREATIVE: Looks like Adobe has made its Creative Cloud suite available to all U.S.-based Chromebook owners who possess a paid Creative Cloud membership, according to a Google blogpost yesterday. In this new partnership between Google and Adobe, the Creative Cloud (starting initially with

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How to Format Block Quotes in Google Documents

A couple of days ago a reader emailed me to ask for directions on formatting block quot