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Failing Forward With Adaptive Learning in Higher Ed

When Michael S. Conner, digital liberal arts specialist at Grinnell College, saw the possible benefits to students that could be accrued through the adoption of an adaptive learning digital courseware tool, he sent off an inquiry to two dozen faculty members at this small, private liberal arts college in Iowa to see who might be interested in piloting such an online-oriented addition to their face-to-face courses.

Schools Have a Cubone to Pick With Pokemon Go Over Privacy

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that is most popular mobile game in US history, initially asked users to sign a Gastly privacy policy. The game requested full access to a user’s Google account, allowing it to read and write emails on behalf of users as well as access Google Drive.

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Why Instructional Design Must Focus on Learning Outcomes, Not Learning Activities

It’s no secret that kids learn better when teachers provide learning activities that keep them engaged. Teachers work tirelessly to plan engaging lessons that capture and keep the interests of their students, thereby making content more accessible. However, teachers continue to feel the daunting pressure to compete for their students’ attention amidst the ever-evolving and rapidly-hanging mass media, social media, and entertainment industry, as these elements do a stellar job of keeping students highly engaged outside of the classroom.

What Would Abe Lincoln’s Social Media Campaign Look Like? A New Classroom Use For Twitter and Facebook

During the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama and his team pioneered the use of social media as a powerful campaign tool. It’s easy to forget, given how commonplace the use of social media is today, that back in 2008. sending out reminders and raising money on Twitter while interacting with people on Facebook was a huge deal. Both Twitter and the iPhone were less than a year old. But Obama’s use of mobile devices and social media changed political campaigns forever.

Adaptive Learners, Not Adaptive Learning

Some variation of adaptive or personalized learning is rumoured to “disrupt” education in the near future. Adaptive courseware providers have received extensive funding and this emerging marketplace has been referred to as the “holy grail” of education (Jose Ferreira at an EdTech Innovation conference that I hosted in Calgary in 2013). The prospects are tantalizing: each student receiving personal guidance (from software) about what she should learn next and support provided (by the teacher) when warranted.

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Why Younger Voters Could Have Stopped Brexit and Trump

In two of the world’s most acclaimed democracies, young people have been on the losing side of pivotal votes. In the recent weeks, 61 percent of Great Britons over the age of 60 voted to leave the European Union while
75 percent of those under 25 voted to stay.

APLU Announces Adaptive-Courseware Grants: Bringing Scale to Scale

Last week the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) announced seven universities will receive grants to use adaptive courseware in an effort to achieve higher completion rates at lower costs.

?What to Think About When You're Surveying Students

Students hold a lot of useful information that you can use to find out all kinds of things. Assess school climate or student engagement. Identify teaching strategies kids like best. Measure health behaviors and attitudes. Learn more about student interests. If you can gather this information, it can help you make better decisions about students.

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5 Benefits of Having a Twitter Scavenger Hunt at Your Next Event

At this year's annual #NYCSchoolsTech Summit we are trying something new. We are going to have a Twitter Scavenger hunt inspired by the NYSCATE conference I attended where @Spiffwhitfield, @JenLaubscher, and @ransomtech manned the social media booth. Scavenger hunts serve many purposes. Here are just some of the benefits of conducting a Twitter Scavenger Hunt at your next conference, event, or

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The Superintendent Struggles: What Hinders Them From Getting the Job Done

District superintendents have a lot of responsibilities. But when do those responsibilities—working with a board, managing relationships—hinder them from moving their schools forward for the betterment of student learning?

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