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Qué es el ciberbullying

Fragmento tomado del libro Cara y Cruz de la web, de Darío Acosta

¿Qué es el ciberbullying?

Es una palabra en inglés, por
ciberacoso, que se refiere al acto de atormentar y molestar a otra persona
usando medios electrónicos como redes sociales, e-mail, blogs, páginas web,
mensajes de texto, entre otros.

No es otra cosa que una nueva
versión del acoso tradicional que es conocido desde

Exigencias, retos y posibilidades para el profesor de español en la era digital y multimodal

Esta presentación sobre la interface entre la visualidad, la multimodalidad y la influencia de las tecnologías digitales en las vidas de alumnos y profesores, no ofrece ninguna receta infalible, pero intenta mostrar algunas recomendaciones para que los materiales que produzcamos sean un poco más atrayentes a nuestros alumnos, ya que muchos docentes nos mantenemos atados todavía a los materiales

There’s No Such Thing As Being Bad at Math: How Neuroscience Is Changing Attitudes

Imagine a parent telling a child, “I’m just not a reading person.” Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Now reread the same cartoon, substituting “math” for “reading.” Suddenly it doesn’t seem so absurd. But it should!

Minecraft’s New Oregon Trail Experience Has Everything—Even the Dysentery

Remember the Oregon Trail? Of course you do, it’s the game the internet won’t let you forget.Thirty-two years after the first full-color graphic version hit the Apple II, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt—the current owner of the Oregon Trail franchise—is teaming up with Microsoft on a new world that ports many of the landmarks and features of the original game into Minecraft.

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Five Ways to Build Confidence in Reluctant Writers

Lisa DiMichele has taught writing to all kinds of high schoolers—from inclusion students to honors students, from kids struggling to finish a sentence to future Faulkners. But DiMichele, an English teacher at Henry E. Lackey High School in Indian Head, Maryland, had never faced a challenge like the one she walked into this summer—a classroom full of students who had just failed ninth-grade English.Reluctant writers? Some of her students had never finished an essay, let alone crafted sparkling prose.

Edtech CEOs Seek to Change the ‘Adversarial Narrative’ With Public School Teachers

There are not too many education conferences that flip the script and let CEOs grill investors with questions. However, BMO Capital Markets’ 17th Annual Back to School Conference is the kind of event your boss’s boss attends. From bigwig financiers to bankers, along with heads of private and publicly-traded education technology companies, the gathering attracted around 900 attendees last week to share the opportunities and challenges in the industry this year.

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Here Are the 5 Finalists for the $15M XPRIZE Global Learning Challenge

In the course of developing tools to help children in Africa build literacy and numeracy skills, Sooinn Lee learned something herself. “We had a photo function in our tool that lets children take pictures,” she says. “But none of the children had seen a camera before, and had no concept of what to do with the feature. So we took it out.”

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