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Are Grades Diverting Focus From Real Learning?

Grades sometimes feel like a necessary evil. They are a shorthand measure of how a student is performing in school, but too often the pressure to earn good grades becomes the sole focus for students and parents.

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Girls Who Code CEO Reshma Saujani: Why An 'Hour of Code' Isn’t Enough

It’s no shock to anyone—there is a gender disparity problem in the computer science world. The computing industry’s rate of job creation in the United States may be
three times that of other industries, but the number of females attaining computer science degrees is falling, as U.S.

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Ten Years Ago Fewer Than 3,000 Girls Took the AP CS Exam. Now There Are Nearly 30,000

Educators and students around the nation are celebrating the completion this year’s Computer Science Advanced Placement (AP) Exam. Students are mostly celebrating the fact that it's over, but teachers are excited that data (released from this morning) indicates a record number of students, in particular girls and minorities, taking the exam.

Protegido: Elevator Pitch

No hay extracto porque es una entrada protegida.
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Capture More Than Just a Visible Screen With Nimbus Screenshot

Recently, a reader asked me to suggest a tool for creating a screen capture image that would include more than just what was visible in the initial screen. In other words, the reader was looking for a way to capture both the top and bottom portions of a webpage that required scrolling. My suggestion was to try Nimbus Screenshot.

Researchers Push Back As Betsy DeVos, ALEC Advance Virtual School Expansion

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos could have lines out the door for her upcoming appearance at the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) annual meeting—but not for reasons she may like.

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‘Dirt Is Good’: Why Kids Need Exposure To Germs

As a new parent, Jack Gilbert got a lot of different advice on how to properly look after his child: when to give him antibiotics or how often he should sterilize his pacifier, for example.
After the birth of his second child, Gilbert, a scientist who studies microbial ecosystems at the University of Chicago, decided to find out what’s actually known about the risks involved when modern-day children come in contact with germs.

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Amazon Inspire Goes Live (But Without Controversial Share Feature)

After more than a year of invitation-only private beta, Amazon just opened its free library of open-education resources, called Amazon Inspire.
Well, it’s more accurate to say the site is partially open. Amazon Inspire is still missing its most controversial feature—the ability for any teacher to share lesson plans, worksheets, and other materials with colleagues.

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A New School Model Helps Rural Districts Boost Enrollment and Ensure Student Success

In Bentley, Alberta, Canada, missing school is just part of life. On winter days of extreme cold, buses don’t run and schools are closed. In warmer seasons, many students work in the local farming community, helping with harvests. Still others are competitive athletes, with tournaments taking them out of class.