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Recording - 7 Ways to Help Kids Discover & Analyze New Information

Last month I hosted a free webinar titled 7 Ways to Help Kids Discover & Analyze New Information. The recording of the webinar, sponsored by Kids Discover Online, can now be viewed on my YouTube channel or as embedded below.

The seven points covered in the webinar:

Professors Take Out Ads Protesting Their University’s Online Degree Programs

Professors at Eastern Michigan University launched an unusual ad campaign this week criticizing their university’s online degree programs—suggesting they are “FalseEMU”—in a protest against the model of colleges working with outside companies to help build and market online programs.

“These degrees will carry the EMU name. But they won’t have the quality, scholarship and service that are hallmarks of a true EMU education,” reads the advertisement created by two faculty unions at Eastern Michigan. The ads appeared in the campus newspaper and on social media.

When Students Drive Learning, They Can Do So Much More

The industrial model of education is failing. Our communities are being deprived of engaged citizens equipped with the skills required to be productive and compassionate, and who have ownership of their learning journey. Consider the following students whose potential remains untapped in the current industrial model:

Why Computer Science Belongs in Every Science Teacher’s Classroom

During the summer, I taught a computer science course for educators at the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College. Funded by Google’s CS4HS grant, this was a four-day intensive “crash course” for 60 teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nadar, un placer para los sentidos

(Imagen de

nadamos nuestro cuerpo se desliza por el agua, respiramos, el agua nos acaricia
y sentimos una sensación de paz y tranquilidad. Hay momentos que nuestro cuerpo
se relaja tanto que no sentimos el esfuerzo. Nos hace contactar con la
naturaleza, todo fluye, las energías se renuevan.

unos años tuve la suerte de redescubrir este deporte, un horario

Assessment Quality? 9 Steps To Creating Effective Mutliple-Choice Questions

  Assessment Quality? 9 Steps To Creating Effective Mutliple-Choice Questions contributed by Dr. Stephen Murphy, Measured Progress One of the critical elements to understanding what students know and are able to do is using spot-on assessment items that provide fair and valid data. Good data helps teachers make instructional decisions, informing student groupings and identifying needs […]

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Editing Photos in Google Slides

It's possible to make basic edits to images using the tools that exist in Google Slides. Once you have uploaded an image, you can recolor it, adjust its brightness, contrast, and transparency. A recent update allows you to add drop shadows and reflections. You can also crop and mask pictures. Masking an image allows you to change it into a different shape which means you can be even more creative with your images. 

El docente no tiene razón...

Me encontré con la siguiente lectura que me gustaría compartir

El docente no tiene razón porque es el docente y porque posee un diploma; el docente tiene razón porque sabe explicar, sabe hacer entender, sabe interceptar la inteligencia del otro; y ve cuando el otro entiende el porqué en ese momento de comprensión del otro aparece en sus ojos y en su cerebro, como una luz, un brillo; y el otro

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Thanksgiving Activities for Students

Thanksgiving is next week and if you are like me, this holiday has crept up on you and you might not be ready.