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Coma con ‘no obstante’

En la lengua actual la expresión no obstante se aísla con comas del resto de la oración en la que aparece. Se pueden dar tres situaciones dependiendo de la posición que ocupe:
(1) No obstante, Sisebuto no se dejaba asustar fácilmente.
(2) Sisebuto, no obstante, no se dejaba asustar fácilmente.
(3) Sisebuto no se dejaba asustar fácilmente, no obstante.

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Crea seres fantásticos con

¡¡Hooola a todos!!

Aunque ya hemos hecho una buena parte del primer trimestre,... aprovecho mi primera entrada del curso para desear a todos los compis y seguidores del blog un feliz curso lleno de nuevos aprendizajes.

El recurso que os presento hoy es, además de muy divertido (en mi opinión), una estupenda excusa para trabajar con nuestros alumnos la creatividad. 

La página es

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?Looking to Connect With the Edtech Entrepreneur Community?

SCHOOLS AND COMPANIES, WORKIN’ TOGETHER: The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has partnered with startup incubator and investment fund 1776 to provide mentors and engagement opportunities for entrepreneurs involved in the K-12 space. Check out 1776 to get involved in your local edtech co

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?Bertelsmann Acquires E-Learning Provider Relias Learning

RELIAS LEARNING: International media company Bertelsmann is acquiring adult online learning provider Relias Learning from Vista Equity Partners for an amount “in the mid-hundreds of millions (USD).” Born from the merger of Essential Learning and Silverchair Learning Systems in 2012, Relias Learning

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Resurrecting my Spanish: Week One

oneWeek one got off to a good start! I was able to make good progress on my goals and sneak in some extracurricular activities.
So what were my goals again?
Watch at least 60 hours of Spanish television within two months = 1 hour of television per day. I might bump this up to 100 hours of input if I feel the need.

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Novels on Location - Read Your Way Around the World

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about a neat use of Google Maps called Novels on Location. I revisited that site today and found that the list of novels is now up to 517. The idea behind Novels on Location is to help readers find novels according to the story's geographical settings. When you visit Novels on Location you can find novels by clicking on the placemarks that you see or by using the location search bar in the upper, right corner of the site.

Feeling Overwhelmed With New Information? Try the Newsletter

The question that people at conferences ask me more than any other is, "how can I keep up with everything?" Along the same lines, the biggest reason that people st

How Standing Desks Can Help Students Focus in the Classroom

Some educators are finding that standing desks are a simple way help fidgety kids settle down and get to work.

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