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Nueva campaña promocional de Andalucía

Magnífica presentación de una nueva maniobra promocional de Andalucía, por parte de Francisco Javier Fernández, consejero de Turismo y Deporte el día 2 de junio en el Museo de Málaga. José Casero Presidente de la Asociación de Español en Andalucía ha sido invitado para el evento cuyo eje fundamental fue mostrar un lanzamiento majestuoso, con derroche de tecnología e innovación de la campaña promocional de la región.

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Collaborate With Students to Create Quiz Games

Triventy is a free quiz game platform that earlier today I introduced to a great group of teachers in New Hampshire. The concept behind Triventy will feel familiar to anyone who has used Kahoot or Quizizz. Triventy differentiates itself from Kahoot and Quizziz by allowing you to accept question suggestions from students. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to create a quiz on Triventy and accept question suggestions from students.

Three Good Ways to Create Stop Motion Videos - Tutorials

Last week I published a blog post about creating stop motion videos on Chromebooks. That post led to some emails from readers who were wondering about other options for creating stop motion videos. Here are three tutorials on three free tools that you and your students can use to create stop motion videos.

Three Ways You Can Harness Personalized Learning to Promote a Growth Mindset

If you’ve spent time instituting Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s work on mindsets in your classroom, you know that having a growth mindset is all about embracing the power of “yet.” Students may not know something yet, but that shouldn’t stop them from figuring out the answer, improving their skills, or meeting their academic goals.

Amidst Opioid Addiction, Plummeting Morale, One Elementary School Reinvents Itself

When you enter Parker-Varney Elementary School, you are immediately struck by the relaxed atmosphere. Make your way to the office to check in, and you’ll see students walking by and waving, moving in and out of community spaces with confidence and ease. There'll be a buzz of excitement in the air, the mark of students highly engaged and doing work that is important and relevant to their lives. Rather than crumble, we chose to embrace change and focus on what mattered most: whole child development.

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How to Become the Netflix of Textbooks—and Make a Digital-First Transformation

Disruptive forces in academic publishing have turned traditional models on their heads. While some publishers are stuck in the more traditional print publishing lifecycle, others are innovating—welcoming new tools and organizational changes into their workflows and cutting their time-to-market in half.

With $150 Million to Spend, Hero K12 Goes Shopping for Education Technology Companies

Unless you’re Jeff Bezos, people with money typically do not solicit the public for ideas on how to spend their dollars. Yet that’s not the case for Hero K12, which is announcing, rather bluntly, that it is going on a shopping spree to buy education technology companies.

Visita de Tatiana Dilhat, periodista de la Revista francesa Vocable, a las escuelas de Español en Andalucía

La Asociación de escuelas de Español de Andalucía organizó la visita de Tatiana Dilhat, representante de la Revista Vocable, con el objetivo de que tuviera una experiencia tal y como la viven los estudiantes que vienen a Andalucía a aprender el idioma.
La periodista pudo conocer varias escuelas miembros de la Asociación en Málaga, Granada, Sevilla y Cádiz entre el día 7 y 10 de febrero y en Sevilla y Cádiz entre el 5 y el 7 de abril.

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No es lo que era

Avenida de Reina Victoria

Avenida de Reina Victoria

No sé si recuerdas que hace unos meses te hablé de la moda reciente de ponerles nombres femeninos, muchas veces con el artículo la más un adjetivo, a todo tipo de establecimientos, pero sobre todo bares y restaurantes. Puedes ver muchos más ejemplos en la entrada La Doña.

Pues aquí tienes un ejemplo más, con un adjetivo que me gusta

What If Students Are the Biggest Barrier to Innovation?

As Alexandra Pickett worked to bring new technology and teaching styles to New York State University, she faced an unexpected challenge. Pickett, who directs the Center for Online Teaching Excellence, said one of the biggest barriers to innovation has been student resistance.