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Apple Launches Media Literacy Initiative, Pledges Support to Education Nonprofits

As misinformation continues to spread, a growing number of organizations are jumping in to help young people develop critical thinking skills, distinguish fact from fiction and become smarter consumers of the news.

Working to Bring Diversity to Tech is a ‘Trek for a Lifetime’

Harvey Mudd College is known as a powerhouse in engineering and computer science—but like those fields, it has struggled historically with recruiting diverse staff and students.

Counselors Couldn’t Keep Up With Our Growing Mental Health Crisis, So Peers Stepped Up

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. I welcome students into the building with an optimistic smile on my face while teachers give an endless supply of high fives, and students yawn and find a corner to sit with their friends. The bell rings and I head to make my coffee, eager to hunker down and prioritize my tasks for the week. Before I make it to the coffee pot, I hear my name over the walkie talkie and off I go—without caffeine. A student needs me, and so it begins. By the time I return, two students are waiting outside my office and I’ve got two notes on my door.

5 Ways to Tell Stories With Maps

Maps can be great tools for supporting nonfiction and fiction stories. Being able to see the greater context of a location can go a long way toward helping students see the complete overview of a...

This Teacher Makes Financial Literacy Personal for Students

Jacqueline Prester was a self-proclaimed hustler in middle school. Mowing lawns, babysitting—she took the initiative to earn her own money. But she was also a responsible moneymaker, using the envelope system to budget every cent before she knew it was an actual budgeting strategy. Back then, her friends rolled their eyes when she tried to share her financial savvy.

EEA celebra las Jornadas ELE 2019 en Irlanda

Los pasados 8, 9 y 11 de marzo celebramos en las ciudades de Galway, Dublín y Belfast las Jornadas Docentes ELE Irlanda 2019. Irlanda se está convirtiendo en uno de los países más importantes para la enseñanza de español, con más de 40.000 estudiantes de español cada año. Por ello, EEA y 7 de sus escuelas miembros se trasladaron al país para ofrecer unas jornadas formativas a los profesores ELE de Irlanda.

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Pepe es una manera cariñosa de decir José. Es lo que se conoce como un hipocorístico. Sin embargo, llama la atención la falta de parecido entre una forma y la otra, a diferencia de lo que ocurre con Fernando y Fer o con Antonio y Toni, por poner un par de ejemplos.

What Schools Can Learn About Communication From the Vatican’s Former Social Media Chief

In 2017, Monsignor Paul Tighe may have been the only priest amidst a sea of techies at South by Southwest (SXSW), where he spoke about his past experience serving as Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications for the Catholic Church. (Think “social media director” for the Catholic Church.)Odd as his presence may have seemed, it was not out of the ordinary for the Church, which first devised a social media strategy around 2010. Two years later, Pope Benedict XVI made a Twitter account, which today claims nearly 18 million followers.

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