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Parallel Reading with the Parallel Books app-A Way into Literature and Translation?

Matt Thomas contacted me a while ago to trial his Parallel Books app. The principle is simple, you get a text that is in the public domain, you get a good translation and you use the app the read both texts side-by-side.

Easy? Well... Thank you to Matt for telling us about the story behind the development of this great app that is just fantastic to get our higher ability pupils to dare

A Cautionary Note About Using Public Cloud Printers

A couple of weeks ago I went to a national office supply store to print

How @PokemonGo Inspires Learning

The Pokemon Go craze has taken this country and others (where available) by storm because it is a free-to-play, GPS location game that harnesses the power of augmented reality and gets people connecting and moving in their physical world. Immediately there were stories about how this could be used for learning. Mainly the emphasis was around the idea that you can learn about your community and

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How to Monetize Your Education Technology Product (Hint: Positioning Is Paramount)

Lately I’ve seen quite a few edtech companies that hope to graduate from offering a free product to actually monetizing it. Perhaps that’s a sign of their business’ growing maturity, or maybe it’s because in today’s tighter investment climate, their investors are urgently demanding to know how they will make money. Either way, it is important for all edtech entrepreneurs, especially those who develop instructional technology for use by teachers and students in the K-12 grades, to understand how to position their products for maximum sales success.

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Five New Year's Resolutions Every Teacher Should Make

The cicadas are singing, the sunsets are earlier and Target sports four aisles of back to school items. This can only mean one thing—the new school year is imminent! Even after decades in the classroom, I still get butterflies in anticipation of the first day of school.

Why Your Financial Advisor Doesn’t Recommend Edtech Stocks

Let’s pretend that you and I are both rich.

Like, filthy rich.
Scrooge McDuck or Tony Stark rich. The kind of rich that would let us both splurge large sums of money on silly bets.

Remind’s Path to Revenue: Processing Payments for School Events

How often does Brett Kopf get reminded about the need to find a revenue stream for his free product?This week, the chief executive of Remind finally has an answer: Activities, a feature that allows educators and administrators to digitally collect funds and distribute tickets for field trips, fundraisers and events. The San Francisco-based startup will take a cut from these payments.

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