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The Non-Educators Grading 12 Million US Students

PREPPED FOR PARCC: This spring, around 12 million US students took standardized tests measuring their mastery of Common Core standards. So who grades all those tests? Not necessarily educators.Over at The New York Times, Motoko Rich explores who Pearson’s 14,500 graders are—from a former wedding pla

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10 Reasons Twitter Works In Education

twitter-in-education-fi10 Reasons Twitter Works In Education
by TeachThought Staff
This post has been updated from a 2012 post
As a social media platform, twitter is extremely likeable.

Celly Fundraisers Aims to Provide ‘Kickstarter for Schools’

DOLLARS FOR PROJECTS: Looking to fund classroom projects, educators? On June 29, Celly, which offers a private communications network for schools, announced a crowdfunding service designed for school projects. Available on browsers and within the Celly app, Celly Fundraisers allows users to create c

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‘Herrar’ o ‘errar’

Herrar con hache significa 'poner herraduras' y errar sin hache, en cambio, es 'cometer un error, fallar'. Todo se entiende mejor siempre con ejemplos, así que te voy a proponer dos:

(1) No puedo salir esta tarde porque tengo que herrar el caballo.

(2) El arquero se puso nervioso y erró el tiro.

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?ISTE PitchFest Picks Four Finalists

Keep Pitchin’: Out of the 12 startups participating in ISTE’s 2015 PitchFest, four will move on to compete in the final session on Tuesday morning:Education Framework: The company’s EdProtect product helps administrators manage the privacy requirements of the edtech tools in their districts. The Edu

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?Autodesk launches free maker curricula through iTunesU

Making Makers Free: At ISTE 2015 this morning, Autodesk announced the release of new—and free—maker curricula for teachers and students. The company now offers three design thinking and modeling courses for students through iTunesU, along with an iBook to promote the power of sketching in the classr

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84 Percent of Americans Now Online, But ‘Class-Related Gaps’ Persist

AMERICA ONLINE: Some statistics should always trend upwards—like the number of people connected to the Internet. The
latest Pew survey on Americans’ access to the Internet pegs that figure now at 84 percent—a sizable boost from 52 percent in 2000, but flat over the previous two years.

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Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools?

This is a version of the talk I gave at ISTE today on a panel titled "Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools?" with Gary Stager, Will Richardson, Martin Levins, David Thornburg, and Wayne D'Orio. It was pretty damn fun.

Take one step into that massive shit-show called the Expo Hall and it’s hard not to agree: “yes, it is time to give up on computers in schools.”

Perhaps, once upon a time, we could believe ed-tech would change things. But as Seymour Papert noted in The Children’s Machine,

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Partnering with Microsoft, Edmodo Offers Office 365 Integration

365 PARTNERSHIP: Edmodo will integrate Office 365 into its K-12 social networking platform, starting in fall 2015. Users will be able to sign into Edmodo with their Microsoft accounts, and will be able to use Office 365’s tools, including Excel and OneDrive, on the Edmodo platform.At ISTE 2015, Edmo

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