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Here’s What Happens When Every Student Gets a Personalized Learning Plan

High school sophomore Olivia Surdam thought she wanted to have a career in healthcare as a doctor or nurse, but after recognizing that her sensitive stomach would cause barriers for a career path in patient care, Surdam started considering other options with her advisory teacher.

Taking the 20,000 foot view on my class

A confession:  I found myself, in one dark and gloomy moment of the semester, completely fixated on the size of the fonts I was using in a presentation for one of my classes.  I was almost paralyzed by the itty bitty…and in retrospect the really  insignificant…details of class prep.  I had somehow become THAT teacher… the same person I had mentored others not to be.  And yet somehow choosing the right hue of purple font and light background seemed more comforting (and under my control) than figuring out what I should have been doing, what I know I should have been doing… de

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How a Shark Tank Competition Lets Students Create Their Dream Classrooms

If you could buy anything to make your classroom a better place, what would it be? That's a tempting enough prompt for teachers but it was actually the question that 3rd grade students at Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, NY, recently got to answer.

How Universities Can Rethink Support For Growing Number Of Adult Learners

More than 2 out of 3 college students today are not coming straight out of high school. Half are financially independent from their parents, and 1 in 4 are parents themselves.
David Scobey says that, as an American studies and history professor at the University of Michigan for decades, he was “clueless” about the needs of these adult students.
But then, in 2010, he became a dean at The New School, a private college in New York City, heading a division that included a bachelor’s degree program designed specifically for adults and transfer students.

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100 Top Colleges Vow To Enroll More Low-Income Students

College access and affordability: It’s a common topic in higher education — because college is the one place that can really be a catapult when it comes to moving up the economic ladder.

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See What's New in Microsoft EDU

About a month ago I shared the news of the addition of a picture library to Microsoft's Immersive Reader add-in for Word, OneNote, Outlook, and Edge. That's not the only thing that Microsoft has recently added to their list of education products. As I learned by reading and watching the latest edition of What's New in EDU, Teams now has a "guest" member option and Sway has a new collaboration feature.