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Get Rid of Grade Levels: A Personalized Learning Recipe for Public School Districts

Public schools play a huge role in developing learners to be successful when they leave school. So why are charters and private schools considered the best places for “personalized learning”?

¡30 años de enseñanza de español en Granada – 30 becas!

La Escuela Montalbán fue fundada en 1986 en Granada, una de las ciudades más fascinantes del sur de España. El carácter personal y familiar de los cursos de español y el ambiente de esta ciudad hará que un viaje lingüístico se convierta en una experiencia inolvidable. La Escuela está acreditada por el Instituto Cervantes. De tamaño mediano cuenta con unos 800 estudiantes al año.

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Viaje por los acentos de España

En una entrada anterior os proponíamos un test que ha publicado El País para reconocer acentos de los diferentes países donde se habla español. Esta semana os proponemos la misma actividad pero con acentos de las diferentes provincias españolas. Lo más interesante no son tanto los acentos –que en algunos … Continue reading

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When Celebrating Learning Differences Is At the Heart of School Culture

Teachers and parents have long known that every child learns differently, excelling in some areas and struggling in others. And yet many schools still struggle to help students learn a set of standards, while allowing who they are as learners to determine how they do so. While some educators hope technology will make personalization cheaper and easier, so far many of the solutions involve keeping kids on the same path, but varying the pace. The rigid system and its requirements have made it difficult to truly celebrate neurodiversity.

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¿Estudiar en la Unión Europea? ¿Cómo?

I would like to inform you that the EU Information Network in Albania is organising the EU Study Fair in the framework of Europe Week activities. The activity is planned to take place on May 4th at Tirana Youth Centre premises at 12.00 o’clock, in Vlora on May 9th and in Shkodra on May 10th at EU Info Centre premises.

The target audience include high school and university students interested in

How to Keep the Human Element in Online Classes

“Wow. I always thought my online instructors were computers.” 

How to Create Digital Homework That Students Love

Let’s redesign homework. When’s the last time your students got excited to do homework? Or said things like, “Wow…just WOW. It is amazing how much is out there that we just don’t know about”? What if every homework assignment could expand a student’s worldview while engaging a kid’s natural curiosity? One middle school teacher took on this challenge—so you don’t have to.