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How Dallas Educators Rethink Discipline to Restore Humanity in Schools

The Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) serves 330 students in grades 9 through 11. Students come to the school from 39 different Dallas neighborhoods—bringing a wide range of social-emotional experiences. Courtney Egelston, the school’s cofounder and assistant principal, learned early in her attempt to implement personalized learning that teachers had to address students' emotional needs.  [Our students] have radically different experiences and levels of trust with educators
Courtney Egelston

?Back-to-School Shenanigans to Watch: Changing How Grades Appear in Online Gradebooks

“Today, I thought I’d make a video once again on how to edit your PowerSchool page,” are the words that begin a YouTube video teaching a simple HTML hack that teachers and parents might want to give themselves a lesson in.It’s not exactly a move from Mr. Robot, but some students have figured out a way to change how their grades appear on online to someone looking at a website presented to them, for a moment at least.

Today’s Classrooms Should Be About Flexible Teaching—Not Furniture

At the end of June a group of passionate, dedicated educators gathered for one of New Jersey’s last EdCamps of the 2017 school year. I bounced around a few sessions but settled into one called “Flexible Furniture.” The idea is that, instead of assigning students in traditional rows of desks, they would have a choice as to where they sit.

A Common Sense Approach to Talking to Students About Charlottesville

When difficult news and events take place in our world, it stands to reason that difficult topics may work their way into the classroom. Unfortunately educators don't have much training on how to best approach such situations with students. 

Thank goodness for Common Sense...
Education that is. 

When difficult events take place like the horrific display of hate in Charlottesville, Virginia

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How Libraries Can Turn Stories Into Maker Projects

In recent years, libraries have broadened their scope of offerings to the local community to involve more making activities like 3-D printing and sewing. Some libraries even have a facilitator for maker projects.

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Why Late Adopters Are Skeptical of Edtech (and How to Get Them on Board)

There are plenty of “innovators” and “early adopters” of education technology out there, from educators who make the rounds on the ISTE and SXSWedu conference circuits to consultants and entrepreneurs who push for adoption of certain tools or practices. But what about those who are more skeptical?

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Children Learn Best From Storybooks When Characters Are Realistic

A few years ago, my daughter requested that her nightly lullaby be replaced with a bedtime story.
I was happy to comply, and promptly invented stories full of imaginary creatures in elaborate plots intended to convey some important lesson about patience or hard work or being kind to others.

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