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Sobre mlearning y los micro-momentos de Google

En este blog ya hemos hablado recientemente sobre microlearning, sobre qué es y la importancia que tiene en nuestro campo, (elearning, aprendizaje online, formación corporativa, etc). También hemos hablado sobre las ventajas del mlearning, así como algunos ejemplos de microlearning que muchos están utilizando. Las grandes compañías están realizando sus propias reflexiones al respecto y Google ha publicado recientemente las Leer más ...

How Mindfulness and Storytelling Help Kids Heal and Learn

By Juli Fraga
When mindfulness teacher Laurie Grossman instructed a class at Reach Academy to let their eyes rest and close so they could focus on their breathing, one student’s eyes remained wide open. Instead of following Grossman’s cues, the student refused to close her eyes and stared at her friend.

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#5añosenlanube con @solespejo1 , @dondavidruiz y @ginesciudadreal

Continuamos en 2012, en el primer año del proyecto. Y esta vez es el turno de Marisol Espejo, David Ruiz y Ginés Ciudad-Real.

Marisol es cacereña, profesora de Tecnología y coordinadora TIC. Su colaboración con el blog ha sido amplia, tanto en contenidos como en el tiempo. Al igual que David, siguen plenamente comprometidos con el proyecto.

Sus aportaciones han sido muchas y variadas,

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Does Presence Equal Progress? Tracking Engagement in Online Schools

Woody Allen once said, “Showing up is 80 percent of life.” Unfortunately, Woody’s old line turns out to be a poor standard for measuring academic success.
We all remember classmates who sat in the back of the room, eyes glued to a comic or dog-eared paperback, anything to escape a learning environment that did not—or could not—engage them. They were present in the physical sense, but their focus and commitment were clearly elsewhere.

Señores ladrones

San Millán de la Cogolla (La Rioja)

Vi este cartel hace pocos días en la puerta del estanco de un pequeño pueblo de La Rioja (esa comunidad autónoma tan famosa por sus vinos). El estanco, claro, estaba cerrado. Seguramente al dueño de esta tienda ya le han robado alguna vez, y por eso, cuando cierra, se lleva los objetos de más valor: el dinero y el tabaco.

Me llamó la atención y

Can Schools #Race2TheTalk Abt Why #BlackLivesMatter?

I have black friends and colleagues disappointed with their non-black friends because they are not speaking up about why #BlackLivesMatter. Some of my white friends say this topic is out of their comfort zone. They are embarrassed by what is going on and don't know how to speak up because it is a touchy subject and they fear sounding, offensive, stupid, or being attacked. As a result they are

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3 Free Apps That Connect My Kansas Classroom to the World

Want to visit my students and me in southeastern Kansas? Now you can through the power of social media.
About a year ago, I began using an app called Periscope to watch fellow teachers discuss classroom techniques and strategy. In no time, I was hooked. Periscope offered free professional development whenever and wherever I wanted it—whether in the teacher’s lunchroom, the grocery store, or in bed after a long day. Once that Periscope whistle sound goes off, I’m ready to go!

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