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Our Favorite Animals - A Google Slides Introduction

I've had the opportunity to introduce Google Slides to students as young as first grade.

Connecting Kids With Projects That Matter to Them - Slides

This morning I had the privilege to speak at the first day of school for teachers in Tamworth, New Hampsire. The title of my opening keynote was Connecting Kids With Projects That Matter to Them. The slides don't mean a whole lot without hearing me speak, but I promised to put them online for the folks who wanted to refer to them later. The slides are embedded below.

Spotlight Education Raises $250K Angel Investment to Aggregate School Data

SPOTLIGHT: Spotlight Education has raised $250,000 from anonymous angel investors, according to co-founder Mike Fee. Spotlight's self-titled product aggregates data sources within a school to produce automated, customized and written reports for teachers, parents and students. The company plans to u

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Clever Claims Users in 44,000 US Schools

A CLEVER STORY: One-third of schools are using an app that close followers of the edtech industry have surely heard of. Clever, a San Francisco startup that’s become synonymous with “single sign-on” for education, claims it is used by 44,000 schools across the US. The company offers an API that allo

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1776 Announces $12.5M Seed Fund to Fuel the Social Revolution

FUNDING THE REVOLUTION: DC-based incubator 1776 has closed a $12.5 million seed fund to invest in “pre-Series A startups” working in education, health, energy, transportation and smart cities. First announced in 2014, the fund has supported 20 companies, six of which are focused on education. On

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Apología de la docencia compartida

Este inicio de curso viene cargado de novedades, sobre todo al hilo de la implantación de los nuevos currículos de Secundaria y Bachiller. Al margen de las cuestiones políticas, el desarrollo del currículo insiste en la aplicación de metodologías activas en el aula: trabajo por proyectos, clase invertida, uso de las TIC, fomento del trabajo en equipo... Es una exigencia curricular, con un