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Hyperdocs, Chromebooks, and Customized PD

A couple of weeks ago I featured two Chromebook training opportunities. One of those I'm hosting next week in Portland, Maine. The other is being hosted by my friends Ernie Delgado and Malia Hoffman in Palm Springs, CA on August 2nd and 3rd.

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?The Power of Choice: Why Online Classes Matter to Students

There is no lack of evidence to suggest that online classes have deeply transformed the teaching and learning landscape in higher education. In 2015, for example, nearly 30 percent of college students took at least one online class. But as more faculty are being encouraged to teach online, how often are they aware of why creating the option to take online classes supports their students’ ability to graduate?

4 Tools to Boost Communication Skills in the STEM Classroom

Healthy communication is vital to thriving workplace communities, and it’s essential for effective collaborative classrooms as well. Knowing when and how to express yourself, recognizing nonverbal cues, and being able to discern what’s important when someone speaks can be key factors in building interpersonal relationships. By practicing communication skills, students will get better at asking for help and expressing what they need, and over time they will develop the skills and confidence to tell you more clearly what they’ve learned in class.

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More Than 40 Examples of Classroom & School Blogs

Earlier this week at the Upstate Technology Conference in South Carolina I gave a couple of presentations about using blogs and social media in school.

Here's What the ISTE Standards for Students Look Like in Five Projects

The new
ISTE Standards for Students, released in 2016, were developed to empower student voice and ensure that learning is a student-driven process of exploration, creativity and discovery no matter where students or teachers are in the thoughtful integration of technology.

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Does the Word ‘Teacher’ Still Describe What Educators Do in the Classroom?

In 2008, Heidi Williams, author of the book “No Fear Coding,” began asking herself some retrospective questions about her role as a teacher at an International Baccalaureate School in Racine, Wisc. These questions led her to the conclusion that the career she thought she entered was not the one she was experiencing, and it was time for her to refine her role and mission.

I don’t call myself a teacher anymore.

Heidi Williams