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Creating Folders and Subfolders to Organize Chrome Bookmark Bar

The Chrome bookmark bar can be an incredibly useful tool to help you get organized, but it can be your worst enemy if you don't take steps to tame it. Just a couple of weeks ago, I shared some ideas for how to use favicons to reclaim space on your bookmark bar. The video below walks you through how to create folders and subfolders on your bookmark bar to reclaim even more space.

How To Measure Tech's Success in Schools

How should we measure the benefits of technology in schools?

For the most part questions revolve around asking if technology will:

increase student achievement

make students smarter

result in better test scores

No. It won't.

Innovative educators understand that those are the wrong questions to ask.  

A better question to ask when looking at the advantages of technology in

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El Quijote vive

Calle Bravo Murillo

Recientemente me encontré con este cartel que llamó mucho mi atención. Según he leído en el blog El Ángel de Olavide, Curro Sevilla (que no parece un nombre real) es un escritor y pintor que vende sus obras por la calle. Intenta vivir de su arte, pero le resulta muy difícil. Además, como se puede ver en el texto, la calidad de su escritura no es muy buena. Pero eso no

Help! This Edtech Company Says It Uses AI. (What Does That Mean? What Should I Ask?)

You know artificial intelligence has hit mainstream when the elderly grocer at the local supermarket asks how he can get into AI.It wasn’t always this way. When I started graduate-level work with machine learning tools at UC Berkeley in 2011, few people outside academia were discussing artificial intelligence. Commercially-viable AI still seemed pretty far off. When I co-founded WriteLab in early 2014, a few prominent labs were visibly but cautiously putting together startups powered by that technology.

The 3 Hottest Posts on The Innovative Educator

Haven’t been keeping
up with The Innovative Educator? Don’t worry. That’s what this wrap up is

What’s hot? Developing
your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

At the top is a post
from the past that takes us back to the basics with five ways to develop your
PLN.  Next up is a checklist for
effective professional learning opportunities where
I outline those things that you want to

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DesconFEDELE Sevilla: todo un éxito

Como ya habíamos anunciado a nuestros lectores, en FEDELE hemos comenzado un ciclo de encuentros docentes para los profesores de nuestros centros en los que se propone un formato de “desconferencia”, con el objetivo de poner en común experiencias prácticas y todo tipo de ideas para planificar y gestionar la clase de español.