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California Could Soon Have Its First Fully-Online Community College

California is one step closer to having a fully online public community college.In a state budget proposal issued on Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown called for spending $120 million to create the online institution within the 114-campus California Community College system. The college would aim to help 2.5 million students earn credentials through more-flexible and affordable digital learning options.

7 Ways for Students to Use Google Drawings

Google Drawings is an often overlooked, yet useful tool that students can access within their G Suite for Education accounts. As I shared in one of yesterday's posts, Google Drawings can be used to create hyperlinked images much like you can do in Thinglink which now requires a subscription in most cases. There are other ways that your students can use Google Drawings.

Is Your Institution Really Ready for Predictive Analytics?

The idea of an advisor telling a student who just received an associate's degree to next enroll in a Ph.D. program seems farcical. But, leaders in higher education act similarly when it comes to analytics by embarking to create predictive models without first building a baseline level of understanding around data and analytics.As a result, we hear all too often, “my institution needs predictive analytics.” This is not where you should start. An institution must build its analytics muscle to reach the stage where predictive analytics can be powerful and transformative.


En este primer post del año 2018, deseo homenajear la 

figura de unos profesionales 

de la educación a los que, con vuestro permiso, 

(os) voy a denominar 

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Sois ese profesorado que, poco a poco, estáis poblando las aulas en todos los niveles educativos con el empuje y la energía que os da el saber que Otra Educación es Posible... y, con la urgencia que marca la

5 Dimensions Of Critical Digital Literacy: A Framework

5 Dimensions Of Critical Digital Literacy: A Framework by TeachThought Staff Digital Literacy is increasingly important in an age where many students read as much on screens as they do from books. In fact, the very definition of many of these terms is changing as the overlap across media forms increases. Interactive eBooks can function […]

10 Resources For A Student-Centered 1:1 Program

10 Resources For A Student-Centered 1:1 Program In Your School contributed by Christi Wilson For school districts striving to move from a teacher-centered learning environment to a learner-centered approach, a 1:1 technology program may just be the answer.

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Can a Test Ever Be Fair? How Today's Standardized Tests Get Made.

After politics and religion, few issues are as contentious as standardized tests. Opinions run the gamut. To some, standardized testing overwhelms our schools and helps eradicate differences between students.

Thinkful Raises $9.6M to Grow In-Person Hubs for Its Online Coding Bootcamp

Darrell Silver is a unlikely critic of coding bootcamps, the 9- to 12-week intensive courses in computer science and programming skills. “Bootcamps as an entity aren’t working,” he tells EdSurge.His stance isn’t uncommon. In 2017, two of the earliest and most established coding bootcamps, Dev Bootcamp and The Iron Yard, shut down, leaving advocates of the model with questions and critics with fuel for their case.

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