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Is the Educational Games Industry Falling Into the Same Trap It Did 20 Years Ago?

Carmen Sandiego has reappeared.Last November, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt released “Carmen Sandiego Returns,” the first iPad and iPhone version of the classic game in which players use their geography knowledge to track Carmen and her goons across the world.

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Is Military Service The Key To College + Career Readiness? - My #VibeEdu @VibeIsrael Tour

This is just one in a series of ongoing posts on the educational innovations in Israel. You can see additional coverage here.

In the United States, youth have become what school critics like John Taylor Gatto refer to as infantilized. Their days and activities are structured by what adults tell them to do. They view their work as disconnected from them, having little relevance or meaning in

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Un ratito de @CharlaELE sobre actividades para empezar la clase

Hoy sábado 6 de febrero, entre las 17:00 y las 18:00 (hora española) ha tenido lugar la primera Charla ELE, una magnífica iniciativa de formación y el intercambio, un espacio para el encuentro de profesores de español. Antes de nada, vaya nuestro agradecimiento a Cristina, Diego y Leyre por la organización, la promoción, el esfuerzo, la moderación. Y aunque los fríos datos no son reflejo de lo

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The Hottest Posts Everyone's Reading

This is the saddest of The Innovative
Educator’s recaps. That’s because it filled with posts
from three educators we've lost in recent months: Deven Black, Joe Bower, and Bob
Sprankle. I am happy to recognize the lives of these innovative educators. I hope
what I shared about each gives you a little insight into their lives and the
legacy they have left behind.



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Tenemos de todo

Los nombres de los establecimientos -tiendas, bares, etc.- nos dicen mucho de su estrategia para vender, y es muy curioso observar las enormes diferencias entre unos y otros.

Por ejemplo, en esta cafetería no parecen muy ambiciosos:

Calle Isaac Peral

Con la palabra algo, que es neutra y equivale más o menos a 'alguna cosa', nos están diciendo que es un lugar para desayunar, merendar

What Do We Mean By 'Computer Science for All'?

Late last week, President Obama announced a “Computer Science for All” initiative. He called for $4 billion in the upcoming budget to expand CS training for teachers, access to instructional materials, and “effective regional partnerships,” along with some $100 million in competitive grants (because nothing says “for all” like making states and districts compete for their education funding).

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