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ImageCodr Helps You Create Correct Image Citations

Creative Commons licensing makes many photos available for re-use that we otherwise could not use.

A Tour of the Geology of U.S. National Parks

This evening while picking up pizza for dinner I ran into one of my old assistant principals who told me abo

My Favorite Search Strategies - Updated

This morning during the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp I shared some of my favorite strategies and ideas for helping students improve their online research skills. The slides that I used today were an updated version of slides that I have previously shared here on Free Technology for Teachers. The latest version is of the slides is embedded below.

Where We Slipped Up

Last week, the editorial team at EdSurge chose to write about issues in which we are hardly experts—namely issues of social justice. Our past public involvement in conversations surrounding race, bias and inequity has been modest: some articles both by us and by contributors, an occasional meetup. We wrote last week because we felt the collective pressure of recent events was so powerful that writing little or nothing seemed woefully inadequate. And we stumbled.

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Republican Party Platform Addresses Education, Nods to Edtech

The Republican Party has released its official party platform in full. The 58-page document outlines issues the party will focus on during the home stretch to the election and after, though nominee Donald Trump has not officially endorsed it.

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7 beneficios de los videojuegos y la educación artística (Parte 2)

En el anterior post se mencionaban algunos de los beneficios de los videojuegos y la educación artística. Ahora nos centraremos en los beneficios de los videojuegos y cómo promueven el enriquecimiento artístico. La importancia del arte en el desarrollo infantil Aunque algunos pueden considerar que la educación artística es un lujo, las actividades creativas son Leer más ...

Los videojuegos y la educación artística (Parte 1)

Mucho se ha hablado de los videojuegos y de cómo el empleo de mecánicas de juego con el fin de potenciar la motivación, la concentración, el esfuerzo, la fidelización y otros valores positivos comunes a todos los videojuegos. Sin embargo, a pesar de que la gente a menudo comenta sobre la belleza y la innovación Leer más ...

What Do Academics Really Think of Adaptive Learning?

In Spring 2016, faculty, support staff and administrators at Oregon State University met to candidly share their experiences with adaptive learning technology. One key theme emerged in their conversations: Institutions are looking for partners—not vendors—when it comes to implementing new solutions.

How Teachers Can See Students’ Identities As Learning Strengths

Time and again both research and anecdotal stories from impactful teachers show that trust and respect are crucial ingredients to high functioning classrooms. But reaching that level of deep understanding with a diverse group of learners requires more than acting professionally or expertise in academic content. Often the disconnect between a teacher’s culture and his or her students’ culture unintentionally creates a divide.

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