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Tópicos y estereotipos

El diario HOY.ES nos informa sobre un video cuando menos curioso: España en un puñado de tópicos, en el que podemos ver, en dos minutos, “todos los tópicos más repetidos en el extranjero sobre nuestro país: los toros, la fiesta, la paella, el flamenco (…)”.

How Students Critiquing One Another’s Work Raises The Quality Bar

Too often, when students produce school work, they turn it into a teacher for a grade and move on. And after the teacher spends time evaluating the student’s work, many students never look at the feedback, a cycle that frustrates both parties and isn’t the most effective way to learn.
Several schools are trying a different model — one that takes more time but also helps students feel more ownership over the quality of their work. Called peer critique, students follow clear protocols that remind them to “be kind, be specific, and be helpful” in the feedback they give to peers.

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Sinónimos, o cómo jugar con las palabras.

Hola a todos.
Hoy os presentamos una herramienta online muy interesante. Es
Su autor es Antonio Poyatos.
Al entrar puede parecer una herramienta más sin más, pero da muchas posibilidades. Es una herramienta para trabajar escritura creativa a partir de sinónimos. Cuando buscas sinónimos de palabras se despliegan un montón de ellos.
Las temáticas son variadas, dependiendo de la

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8 Online Resources for Women’s History Month

I recently learned that March is National Women’s History Month.  I encourage all of you to take this month as an opportunity to educate your students on the struggles and successes of women throughout history.

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Visuwords – Visualize Your Dictionary and Thesaurus Online!

Visuwords™ allows students to look up words to find their meanings and associations as related to one another, focusing on how words are related to each other using a mind map visual. Visuwords uses Princeton University’s open source word database, WordNet, as the source for its connections, associations, and definitions.

Ingerir e injerir

Los verbos ingerir e injerir tienen una escritura muy parecida y se pronuncian igual, pero tienen significados diferentes. Ingerir es meter en la boca comida, bebida o alguna otra sustancia para que llegue al estómago.

What Kids Can Learn When Blocks Get A Tech Boost

PITTSBURGH — At Forest Grove Elementary School, along the Ohio River just northwest of Pittsburgh, the Rust Belt is giving way to educational innovation. In a windowless room in the library, first- and second-graders experiment with a strange teaching device that’s half computer and half wooden play table. A giant computer screen looms over the table, and a touch-screen tablet is built into the table’s surface. A dancing cartoon gorilla appears on both screens, while a disembodied female voice commands two students to erect towers.

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