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MI PLE NO DESCANSA EN VERANO (@interele y @ele_mentales)

Durante las vacaciones de verano, normalmente no hacemos explícitos nuestros actos de aprendizaje, pero eso no quiere decir que estos no se produzcan.
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How to Impose Time Limits on Google Forms

Google Forms is a great tool for creating and delivering online quizzes and surveys. Like with any quiz or survey, you may find yourself needing to impose a time limit for responses. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to impose a time limit on a Google Form.

You can find fifteen more Google Forms tutorials in the playlist embedded below.

Virtual Learning Cafe Today: Learn to Livestream to Learn. 3:30 pm EST on 8/22

Join me live to discuss livestreaming!  If you do, you can even get PD credit for attending.

Join me today August 22nd at 3:30 EST

Here's a little overview of what we're doing:


. Learn how to livestream and what platform is best for your goals.


Educators who are not afraid to share their genius with the world.


The #NYCSchoolsTech educators

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El estudiante de la semana: TLCdénia

1. ¿Cómo te llamas? ¿De dónde eres? ¿A qué te dedicas? ¿Dónde estudias?
Me llamo Tatiana Turgot y soy de Suecia. Soy abogada y estudio español en TLCdénia, en Dénia.
2. ¿Por qué elegiste estudiar en Dénia? ¿Te gusta esta ciudad?

How Performing in Theater Can Help Build Empathy in Students

One of the first exercises Kyle Ware does with teachers in the Kentucky Shakespeare From the Page to the Stage development workshop is to get them on their feet and using the words of Shakespeare in action, in a game called, “Shakespearean Insults and Compliments.” Ware, who is director of education for the company’s extensive schools program, said that teachers take each other down and lift each other up using the words of the Bard—no matter if they’re accurate: “Thou art an ill-fated huggermugger!” is an example Ware gave

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Translation is Back! 20 Ideas for Teaching Translation

Last month, I was delighted to publish a translation resource on the fabulous Teachit site.

The resource is not language-specific and the ideas can be adapted to many languages.

I hope it is of use!

The resource can be downloaded as a free pdf at

Remember to Sleep - A Lesson for Students

As the new school year gets going there will be plenty of students and teachers who are

When Students Ask “Can I Friend You?”: An Ethical Response Guide.

I was excited to check out this Tweet from @TaliCSM the ed director at Common Sense Education about how to ethically respond to a student friend-request. It took me to educator Keegan Korf’s blog post where in short, she shared that she only “friends” former students, and warns them that inappropriate behavior will result in defriending.

Keegan’s simple and sensible policy mirror’s the

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