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How to Bring Teachers to Your Product Drawing Board

The edtech marketplace is booming, rife with bold ideas and exciting new ventures. The problem, though, is that too many ed-tech vendors and content creators develop their products in a vacuum, bypassing the very people they’re meant to serve: teachers and students. I’ve heard from plenty of educators who - while navigating the glut of classroom tech - have found many themselves less-than-satisfied with so much of what’s available.

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Feliz cumpleaños, #FelipeZayas: maestro y amigo

Es posible que alguien no conozca a Felipe Zayas, pero sólo en el caso de que no sea profe de lengua o de que no lleve unos cuantos años en las redes, pues Felipe es un referente de redes educativas y de didáctica de la lengua, pródigo en publicaciones y muy visible durante años en su blog Darle a la lengua. 

Cuando terminé mi carrera de Filología y hube de cumplir con el C.A.P. (aquel

What Did You Make Today? White House Recognizes 10 Making Champions

A former military who stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) while serving in Afghanistan and today develops low-cost prosthetics with maker tools. A designer who explores how making can solve global problems after large scale disasters, such as earthquakes. An educator who has developed a STEM-focused school model for students of color.

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Books or Bread? Not with OER Degree Programs

The question, “Should students have to choose between food and textbooks?” has become a trope. The articles abound—from stories of student food pantries to chronic homelessness.

Higher-Ed Hacks of the Week: Zoom, Lumen Learning Candela, Doodle

PRAXIS MAKES PERFECT: We’ve got tools, resources and classroom hacks right here, every week. Check them out in our Next newsletter. Do you have a tool that’s transforming the way you do research or guide a classroom? Let us know by filling out this form and we’ll go and take a look. It might just get featured!

How Early Should Gamers Start Playing? On the Floor of E3 with a Game Design Academy Founder

When should students specialize their learning? Does doing so narrow their futures or allow them to follow their passion to a strong portfolio?

Books Teachers Share: Ray Salazar and The Alchemist

Educator and blogger Ray Salazar, who teaches junior and senior AP English in Chicago Public Schools on the Southwest side, said a book that has been significant to his teaching was The Alchemist, by Brazilian writer Paolo Coelho.

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