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The 3 Hottest Posts Innovative Educators Are Reading

If you haven’t been
keeping up with The Innovative Educator, don’t worry. That’s what this wrap up
is for.  Here are the three hottest posts that you don’t want to miss!

the top spot for another week first time is 6 Skills Students Today Must Develop. It
includes some terrific tools to ensure these are the 21st century skills your
students develop and provides a useful framework for

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MEL Science Raises $2.5 Million to Make Lab Experiments a (Virtual) Reality

Many parents buy chemistry sets to inspire their kids to be future scientists. These kits have evolved over the years from haphazard, 1950’s “Atomic” chemistry sets using radioactive uranium ore, to safer, Smithsonian-branded sets come with goggles, plasticware and large warning labels.

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Why Rafter Failed, and What It Means for Edtech

Rafter ranked among the most substantially-backed education companies in recent memory, having raised more than $86 million dollars since it started a decade ago. Then last week, the company, which helped colleges save students money on textbooks, abruptly shut down. While its customers scramble to find alternatives, observers wonder what can be learned from Rafter’s demise.

Hack Education Weekly News

Presidential Campaign Politics

There’s less than a month left of the 2016 Presidential campaign and The End can’t come soon enough.

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The Emotional Weight of Being Graded, for Better or Worse

As most parents know, kids respond emotionally to the grades they receive — and well beyond the jubilation that goes with an A+ or the despair that accompanies a D. When Jessie, an eighth-grader, got an uncharacteristically low score on a Spanish test, she felt not only embarrassed — “because I’d never done that badly before” — but lousy as well: “I didn’t feel as good about myself,” she said.

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#5añosenlanube con @o_fragha , @raulillodiego y @jldominguezb

En esta ocasión os presentamos a docentes muy conocidos y apreciados entre los docentes. Su trabajo diario en el aula solo se puede calificar de inmenso.

Raúl Diego, al que me une una gran amistad, es maestro y coordinador TIC en los Salesianos de Santander. Es formador y consultor TIC, además de presidente de la Asociación InnovAula. Su trabajo es impresionante, y así se lo han

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Students As Customers? Salesforce Tailors CRM Tools for Schools

What does customer relationship management have to do with improving learning outcomes?
Salesforce, the San Francisco software juggernaut renowned for its CRM tools and lavish parties, is betting schools can achieve greater student success with its customer relationship management system.
The publicly traded company believes the same CRM systems that businesses use to track customer data and interactions can also help schools recruit, develop relationships with students and improve graduation rates.

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