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What Did You Make Today? Exploring Equity in Making

“What did you make today in school?” Ask students this, and they may pause. This is a different question than, “What did you do today?”How many students see school as a place to express themselves as makers and creators? While there is growing interest in putting Makerspaces in schools, many groups—including girls and students of color—are underrepresented in these learning environments.

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The Godfather: Gardner Campbell

Gardner Campbell looms large in educational technology. People who have met him in person know what I mean. He is brilliant. Compassionate. Passionate. And a rare visionary. He gives more than he takes in interactions with people. And he is years ahead of where technology deployment current exists in classrooms and universities.
He is also a quiet innovator. Typically, his ideas are adopted by other brash, attention seeking, or self-serving individuals. Go behind the bravado and you’ll clearly see the Godfather: Gardner Campbell.

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Sesquidécada: mayo 2001

Mayo es un mes tradicionalmente flojo en lecturas, sobre todo por el ritmo frenético de trabajos y exámenes que imprimen los finales de curso. Curiosamente, para elaborar esta sesquidécada, me encuentro en las lecturas de aquel mayo de 2001 con un denominador común: el ritmo pausado de la narración y cierto gusto por la retórica y la reflexión. Tres obras bastante dispares he seleccionado para

Google Announces New Classroom API Feature for Better Coursework and Gradebook Integration

It’s the Google I/O conference this week (May 18-20), so get ready for a slew of Google announcements for the EDU community—both for edtech entrepreneurs and developers, and for the education practitioner community.

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Bursting the 'Personalization' Bubble: An Alternative Vision for Our Public Schools

A few years ago, a series of unfortunate events managed to peg me as a prominent opponent of personalized learning. Given the widespread enthusiasm for the idea that students should be given greater control over what, when, and how they learn—preferably involving some sort of technology—this is an uncomfortable place to be. I am the heretic in the edtech temple.

VIDEO: Putting the Ed Into Edtech

Right now many edtech products are sold as black boxes. “What does the product do?” “Dunno, but it works through the science of neuroplasticity.” The lack of understanding in how these products work is bad for at least two reasons. The more obvious one is that it gives us no good way to evaluate if the product could actually help students. The less obvious—but ultimately more important—reason is that it misses an opportunity to engage faculty in thinking about pedagogy.

Uso del artículo con los diás de la semana

Hay que ser muy cuidadosos con los artículos en los días de a semana. A veces, un detalle chiquitito cambia mucho el significado. Mirá cómo estas pequeñas palabras hacen una gran diferencia
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Places We Can Connect

Over the weekend I received an email from a reader who requested more p