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Innovate, Don’t Automate

A little something I whipped up, inspired by Alan November‘s conversation around redesigning the way we use technology in the classroom. Not necessarily a new idea, but a distinction that I think is often missing in classrooms: the difference between automating tasks and assignments with technology versus innovating the classroom practices.

PODER Y QUERER en pasado

Cuando pensabamos que ya habíamos aprendido a decidir cuándo usar perfecto y cuándo imperfecto, estos verbos siguen trayéndonos problemas... mirá cómo usar PODER Y QUERER en pasado 

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Listen to the Sounds of Wikipedia

Looking for a new classroom soundtrack? Try this awesome website: Durring Darren Kuropatwa‘s keynote session today at the Building Learning Communities conference, I learned about this awesome website that shares the sounds of Wikipedia. Here’s how it works: The screen displays the recent changes to Wikipedia pages and posts.

Olimpiadas del español en Poznan Polonia 2014

Poznan, la ciudad polaca, ha sido por cuarta vez sede de las Olimpiadas del español. Este año además, se ha batido un nuevo récord en el número de participantes: más de 1.500 alumnos de casi doscientas escuelas.

How Teachers Can Use Video Games In The Humanities Classroom

What if teachers used video games as texts? How can educators teach kids to think critically about the underlying messages in commercial games and leverage video games for their ability to engage...

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Securly Announces Freemium Cloud-Based Filtering Offer

GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT: Announcement! Tired of videos getting blocked in class? Good news, educators. Securly has decided to make its cloud-based web-filtering platform--capable of delivering Safe Search and Safe YouTube to computers--available to school computers at no cost. One caveat: this “lit

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5 Priorities For Transformative Schools

TEST 5-priorities-transformative-schools5 Priorities For Transformative Schools
by Thom Markham

A Short Guide to Biodiversity

BBC News website includes a section for special reports.

Crash Course World History 201

Last year John Green produced a Crash Course on world history. Recently, Green launched Crash Course World History 201.