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‘Lost in the Cracks’: Alabama District Brings Personalized Learning to Incarcerated Youth

The American prison system has been criticized for being a place of punishment instead of rehabilitation. In states such as Alabama, where youth as young as 14 can be tried as adults, going into the system can mean a lifetime of condemnation. However, one school district hopes a personalized virtual school program will offer incarcerated learners a second chance.

Why It’s Imperative Educators Resist The Lure Of The Single Story

The education world is full of assumptions, many of which aren’t helpful to improving the quality of teaching and learning that happens in schools. The narratives from outside the industry can be harmful, but perhaps less obvious are the single stories of students and teachers told within the industry.

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The Invocation of Enver Simaku - Cineplex, 12 de julio, 20:00 horas

Mañana miércoles 12 de julio a las 20:00 horas se proyectará del largometraje "The Invocation of Enver Simaku" en el Cineplex situado en el centro comercial de Tirana Teg. El director es el español Marco Lledó Escartín y cuenta en su mayoría con una mayoría de actores albaneses en el reparto. Todos los profesores y alumnos del departamento de español están invitados a acudir a la película.

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5 New Google Forms Features

Earlier today Google announced the release of five new features for Google Forms users. Four of the five new features are significant for most users. 

How Boundaries Between Colleges and Companies Will Continue to Blur

Some employers are starting to focus more energy on offering educational benefits to their employees, while colleges are struggling to respond to the growing interest by students in helping them land a job. A new center at Northeastern University sits at the intersection of these two areas—called the Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy.

Study: Holding Kids Back A Grade Doesn’t Necessarily Hold Them Back

Our education system has this funny quirk of grouping kids by birth date — rather than, say, intellectual ability or achievement or interest.
But developmental pathways are as individual as kids themselves.
And so there’s a perpetual back-and-forth about whether to put certain kids in school a grade behind or ahead of their actual age.

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Four Ways You Can Use Data to Create a Personalized, Teacher-Driven PD Playbook

I worked in the same school—doors down from my wife—for three years. I knew she was a good teacher, but in all that time, I never had the opportunity to watch her in her own classroom. As someone who now leads professional development for educators, I know that teachers rarely get to see each other teach. Which is a shame, because it’s the small things that we observe colleagues do that can inspire us in big ways.

Not Just Buzzwords: How Teachers Bring Big Ideas, Innovative Practices to Life

As edtech buzzwords new and old swirl, it is easy for educators to get lost among the fads du jour, much less apply the principles behind lofty ideas to make meaningful progress for students.In my visits to elementary, middle, and high schools around the country this past academic year, here are five tips I took away for how educators can get beyond the buzz to implementation.

What a Reinvented College Looks Like: 4 Alternative Higher-Ed Models

It has become increasingly popular to say that higher education needs to go back to the drawing board—that the best way to improve college is to start new campuses from scratch or radically reinvent old ones.But it’s one thing to muse about a new kind of college over drinks with colleagues, and another to break ground on a digital-age campus quad. A handful of efforts attempt to turn their visions into reality, and they aren’t just making small tweaks: Some of these new colleges don’t have physical classrooms. Some are free (or free at first).