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Carnegie Learning Bets Big on Coding With Acquisition of Globaloria

It’s a pairing as natural as letters and numbers, math and coding, the founders of Carnegie Learning and Globaloria would say.Today, Carnegie Learning announced that it has acquired Globaloria, a New York-based provider of computer science curriculum and professional development for K-12 schools and districts. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Personalized Learning’s Unknowns: Silicon Schools’ Five-Year Journey

“We do not believe that there is yet definitive proof that personalized learning works better than other models.”­All That We’ve Learned: Five Years of Working on Personalized Learning

CoSpaces: crea tus experiencias con Realidad Virtual

CoSpaces es una plataforma con la que crear, explorar y compartir mundos tridimensionales. Igual que sucede con Scratch, niños y jóvenes pueden desarrollar su pensamiento y expresar sus ideas utilizando este recurso educativo.

¿Cómo funciona CoSpaces?

Actualmente podemos crear y visualizar mundos desde cualquier dispositivo: el navegador de un ordenador, una tableta, un teléfono móvil e

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Salesforce Gifts $12.2M to Expand Computer Science in S.F., Oakland Public Schools

There was a little bit of everything at Visitacion Valley Middle School in San Francisco today. Kids played with Legos, pranced around with stuffed animals and Salesforce mascots, munched on treats, painted using Sphero robots, tinkered with portable gaming devices, made race cars and dueled with robots.

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Questioning the Core Assumptions of Personalized Learning With Math Blogger Dan Meyer

A few weeks ago, while perusing Twitter for news stories, a few folks on the EdSurge team came across a Tweet by math blogger, former teacher and current Desmos Chief Academic Officer Dan Meyer.

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Spanish Conversation Connectors: “it seems to me”, “all joking aside”, “I presume”, etc. – 4 Pages Worth!

A recent conversation with a subscriber to my email list, Michael Rosenthal, led to him sending me a document that I think the rest of you will find useful.  It’s a list of what Anthony Lauder calls “conversational connectors”.

Cuando no sabes nada de los alumnos…

Me hace gracias muchas veces cuando veo en grupos de Facebook de profes o en hilos en otras redes sociales preguntas sobre qué hacer cuando no sabes nada de los alumnos que vas a tener la semana o días siguientes: edad, nacionalidad, nivel, etc. Y digo que me hace gracia, porque esa es mi experiencia general. Tienes el nombre, la edad, pero jamás conoces el nivel con exactitud. Una vez me tocó un grupo de adolescentes irlandesas a las que la coordinadora dividió en dos grupos: suficiente (las que finalmente tuve yo), y notable.

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Amor en el aire

Últimamente, allá donde voy, encuentro mensajes de amor. Por todas partes, como verás a continuación, y en cualquier tipo de espacio. Hoy vamos a hacer, entonces, un paseo "amoroso" por diferentes partes de España y por diferentes lugares de la calle.

Estos dos primeros mensajes los vi en el suelo de una calle. Parecen mensajes escritos por adolescentes o personas muy jóvenes, sobre todo

What To Do When Your Pictures, Text, and Videos are Stolen Online

For years I've written and ranted about websites committing blatant copyright violations. Some of you have been supportive of my rants, thank you. This morning I am madder than ever about a website stealing blog posts. That's because this morning I found a website that was not only stealing my writing, it was stealing my pictures too. Including a picture of my daughter. The worst part is that the offending website is placing R-rated to X-rated advertisements next to the stolen pictures and posts.