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Rozalén y Kevin Johansen: Antes de verte

Aquí tienes la canción para practicar indicativo o subjuntico.

Antes De Verte

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What a New College Board President Means for Students

Change is afoot at the College Board.At first glance—and as of Thursday—the nonprofit is just reorganizing its leadership team: The president and chief executive, David Coleman, is now just CEO of the College Board, creating a vacancy so his chief operating officer, Jeremy Singer, can fill the position of president.

Virginia Study Finds Increased School Bullying In Areas That Voted For Trump

After the 2016 presidential election, teachers across the country reported they were seeing increased name-calling and bullying in their classrooms. Now, research shows that those stories — at least in one state — are confirmed by student surveys.

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One Teacher's Plan to Close Culture Gaps in Schools

For my most of my teaching career, I was the only teacher of color in my building. I once expressed to the principal my hope that she would be considering teachers of color as candidates for an opening in our English department. “They just don’t apply,” she told me resolutely. I didn’t bring it up again.

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¡Feliz inicio de 2019!

Un saludo y un abrazo de Año Nuevo a todos los seguidores de este blog.

En el 2019 este proyecto publicará sus últimas entradas y empezará a migrar hacia una página diferente, por lo que te invito a estar al pendiente de las noticias que iré comunicando a lo largo del año.

Este es mi primer y más querido blog, este año cumple sus diez primeros años. Esta página ha sido: una manera de

For Students to Succeed, Social Capital Matter Just as Much as Skills—Here's Why

Let’s just debunk a big ol’ myth right now: No one, and I repeat, no one makes it entirely based on their own merit. The concept of “meritocracy” as a path to success is misguided, because so many external factors shape the privileges, opportunities and challenges that people experience in life.

Once upon a time…

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