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As Textbook Companies Try New Options, Many Students Say Price Is Biggest Factor

Professors assign textbooks (or other materials) that they view as required to succeed in their courses, but some students say they go in with a wait-and-see attitude: They delay a week or two into the semester, and then obtain only the materials that seem truly necessary to them.“I try to read the vibe of the teacher and see how it’s going to be,” says Ursula Abdala, a senior at University of Texas at Arlington. “If I feel that one book will save my life this semester, I’ll break down and buy it,” she says. “I’m usually broke.”

Turning a Football Field into a Farm: How the ‘Urban Work College’ Could Lower College Costs

When Michael Sorrell took over as president of Paul Quinn College in 2007, the place was nearly broke and faced a possible loss of accreditation. Sorrell wasn’t interested in following the usual playbook for running a college, so he took unusual steps right from the start. He cut the football program, for instance, and turned the playing field into an urban farm.

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Grande, gran

El adjetivo grande cuenta con una forma apocopada gran. Esta aparece cuando precede a un nombre en singular. Da lo mismo que el nombre sea masculino (1) o femenino (2): (1) Una noche hubo un gran alboroto en la terraza del bar y el camarero fue a buscar a los vigilantes [Roberto Bolaño: La pista de hielo].

Developing Student Voice Is Critical. TED-Ed Clubs Can Help.

As John stood on the stage discussing the importance of equity so eloquently, I wondered how he had gotten to that point. He was 11 years old, but his ideas were so clear, his words so refined.

25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2018

25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2018 by TeachThought Staff Ed note: Though the list was curated entirely by editors at TeachThought, the post was sponsored by zapzapmath   Because of the skill-based nature of mathematics in general, math resources pair especially well with digital tools like apps and websites. On these kinds of platforms, […]
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Tutorials on Organizing OneNote

To most outside observers my notebooks, both digital and physical, are a hot mess. That's because I rarely employ tags, folders, or any of the other traditional methods used to organize a notebook. The only time I do use tags and folders is when I am working on specific research project. The rest of the time I just jot things down and then search for them later, if I need them. For me the processes of note-taking and bookmarking are largely exercises in triggering mental notes (plus, I usually write a blog post about whatever it is I bookmark or make a note about).