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Programación de la Semana de las Letras Españolas en Albania 2018

Aquí tenéis las actividades que se realizarán este año con motivo de la Semana de las letras:

Lunes 23 de abril
Facultad de Lenguas Extranjeras (Aula 309)
10:30  Lectura del Quijote
11:30  Entrega de premios y lectura de finalistas en el concurso literario
12:30  Lectura poética          

Martes 24 de abril 
Teatro Experimental Kujtim Spahivogli (Sala Moliere)      
Obra de teatro: La bella

#NYCSchoolsTechChat: #FinancialLiteracy #FinLitMonth Tonight at 7 p.m.

During this month's
#NYCSchoolsTechChat we will address practical ideas and approaches teachers can use to ensure students receive instruction and resources necessary for financial success. #NYCSchoolsTech teacher Eileen
Lennon moderates with me throwing in my two

can prepare for the conversation by thinking about answers to these questions:

Q1 What approaches are you

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Why Effective Digital Learning Shouldn’t Disrupt Traditional Teaching Techniques

In my work as a digital learning specialist, I’m charged with helping teachers try new classroom strategies and learn to use the technology tools that make those strategies possible.Yet, even after three years in this role at my current school, there are a handful of teachers who are still hesitant to allow students to use devices and the powerful apps and resources they contain. Part of their concern is that incorporating these new services means they have to throw away the tried-and-true teaching techniques that they’ve mastered and love to use.

Libros para estudiantes

Hola a todos  :) Soy profesor de español y quiero presentaros los dos libros que he escrito para los alumnos: "24 horas, para estudiantes de español" es una novela criminal adaptada, con una gramática muy sencilla y para todos los públicos. La historia tiene lugar en Alicante, contiene aclaraciones de vocabulario, ejercicios y un juego de pistas.

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4 Tools for Teaching Teamwork and Collaboration in the Classroom

Everyone — from businesses to sports franchises — is on a quest to crack the code of the perfect team. Google spent years studying their working teams and determined that success wasn’t based on “who” was on a team but on the culture created by the team — for example, a group that takes turns talking vs. one in which members speak over one another.

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Can AI Help Students—and Colleges—Determine the Best Fit?

Whether you call it “right fit,” “best fit” or good fit, the concept of an institution being a suitable match for a student’s needs—be they social or academic—is probably one you’ve read about or discussed in the classroom or at the dinner table. It’s a concept universities and applicants alike are paying close attention to, as it relates directly to student success.

Getting Site Visits Right—Learning Labs That Lead to Deeper Learning

It’s a cold morning in northern Vermont, so Peter Nichols has the heat cranked high as he pulls out of his driveway and begins the 66-mile drive south, out of the rural hills surrounding Hazen Middle School, where he teaches, and towards the lakefront properties of Shelburne Community School.He is making the trip to visit Sam Nelson and his middle schoolers who have formed a student planning committee, a group of students who meet regularly with Nelson to help him refine his curriculum. Nelson’s early findings sound promising. Nichols is intrigued.

Palabras que pueden escribirse con ‘c’ o con ‘z’

En español normalmente está claro cuándo hay que escribir c y cuándo hay que escribir z. Todo depende de la vocal que venga a continuación: e, i (cero, cifra); a, o, u (zapato, zorro, zurdo). Sin embargo, tenemos unas cuantas palabras que tradicionalmente admiten que las escribamos tanto con c como con z. Indico las principales a continuación.

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