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The Risks and Rewards of Getting Rid of Grade Levels

“But, Ms. Wang, why am I in this class?” asked a 9th-grade boy on the first day of school. This was about three years ago and it was a first day of sorts for me as well. I had just transitioned back into the classroom at Latin School of Chicago from a job in publishing and this was not the kind of question that I had prepared myself to answer. Back then, the Chinese language program at Latin had begun piloting a proficiency-based model, which is structured differently from a traditional grade-based model.

Caperucita de Isamel Serrano. Una canción con mucha miga

Tener mucha miga [Tamaño original] de Cruz

Ismael Serrano Morón (Madrid; 9 de marzo de 1974) es un cantautor español de la nueva generación de cantautores aparecida en los años noventa. Recoge influencias de Serrat, Aute, Joaquín Sabina y Silvio Rodríguez, así como de poetas como Luis García Montero y Mario Benedetti.


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Beyond Tuition: How Innovations in College Affordability Are (Or Aren’t) Helping Students

The college affordability crisis is a familiar story to most Americans. A simplified version often goes that state funding for higher-ed institutions has decreased dramatically over the years, which has translated into massive tuition hikes for students and their families.

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What I Learned On My ‘Secret Sabbatical’ As a Scholar-in-Residence at a Private Company

Last fall I started my first day on the job as an embedded faculty member with a corporation—as a scholar-in-residence at Steelcase Education. But don’t be too impressed by the title; according to the employee system, I was just an intern.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SEL Assessment But Were Afraid to Ask

For anyone who cares about student social-emotional development, this is an exciting time. Many school-based social-emotional learning (SEL) programs are widely used, for example. And a growing number of states are integrating social-emotional expectations into their educational standards.

VIII Encuentro de Profesores ELE en AIL Madrid

Encuentro ELE AIL Madrid
Este año AIL Madrid, en colaboración con Edinumen, celebra las VIII Jornadas de Formación de Profesores en dos fechas: del 2 al 6 de julio y del 30 de julio al 3 de agosto.

Gradescope Raises $3.75M to Speed Up Grading in Higher Ed

Students may feel relief as they hand in an exam, but the moment marks the beginning of stress and anxiety for instructors and teaching assistants, who may need to grade hundreds of tests in a short time.

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¿’Entre tanto’ o ‘entretanto’?

Entretanto (junto) es un adverbio que significa ‘mientras tanto’ o ‘mientras’, por ejemplo: (1) Durante la I Guerra Mundial, las potencias europeas se dedicaban a despedazarse las unas a las otras. Entretanto, España se mantenía neutral. En el ejemplo (1) podemos sustituir entretanto por mientras o mientras tanto.

3 Ways a Company Can Personalize Its Support for Teachers

Education is awash with efforts to personalize learning. But what does it mean for a company to personalize its support for the teachers who use its product? School leader, Jordan Silvestri and Kiddom representative, Melissa Giroux, describe what it takes for an edtech company to deliver the kind of personalized experience to its customers that teachers give to their students.

‘Rocket Fuel’: How Schools Can Create a Positive, SEL-friendly School Culture

Tamara Alston expects her students to hold her accountable if she’s not being respectful and “solving problems in a way that works” for the community. And they do.This is an element of “whole body listening,” a practice of respectful and attentive listening all students learn at the fifth grade teacher’s school, Hazel Wolf K-8 STEM in Seattle. “Whole body listening” is just one part of the school’s approach to and emphasis on social and emotional learning.