One School District’s Simple Solution to the Homework Gap? Local Businesses

When Winterset Community Schools launched its one-to-one device program, staff celebrated the milestone. They felt they were a step closer to leveling the playing field for students.Then the other shoe dropped. Parents and students at the Iowa school district began to complain that they didn’t have sufficient Wi-Fi at home to access the online assignments students were expected to complete after school hours. They had Chromebooks, but no connection.

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The Actual Dollars That Will Shape the New K-12 Investment Ecosystem

Investors take note: Business intelligence that relies on a district’s budget and fiscal data will become a fast-growing K-12 market in the next five years. Today, that may not be the case; just brandishing the title of Chief Financial Officer at a conference tends to ward people off. There are few who relish discussions about ledger-transfers and the complexity of central versus school level per-pupil expenditures.

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What Do East Coast Coding Bootcamps Think About Amazon HQ2?

After a long build up, Amazon announced this week that the company will open its new headquarters in the New York City and Washington, D.C. metro areas.Colleges and universities were a part of cities’ pitch to the e-commerce giant, the idea being these places could feed Amazon’s hungry talent pipeline, which will bring around 25,000 new employees to each region. Virginia Tech even announced this week plans to build a $1 billion tech campus near Amazon’s Arlington, Va.-based headquarters.

‘Dear Mr. Zuckerberg’: Students Take Summit Learning Protests Directly to Facebook Chief

Earlier this month, a group of high school students in New York City took to the streets to protest their school’s online program, Summit Learning. On Thursday, hoping to send a stronger message, they took it all the way to the top, with a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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ClassDojo Goes ‘Beyond School’ to Launch First Monetization Feature for Parents

Most investors want to exit their investments and get a financial return within seven years. It’s taken ClassDojo that long to announce its first paid offering.

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Moving from Face-to-Face to Online Teaching Can Be Hard. Here’s One Expert’s Advice.

Enrollment in online courses is rising. But the shift to online instruction can be challenging for some instructors who have spent most of their academic careers teaching (and learning) face-to-face. At the 2018 OLC Accelerate conference in Orlando on Wednesday, Julin Sharp, director of digital education at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, discussed reasons why that transition can be daunting.

Struggling College-Pathway Provider Quad Learning Pivots and Sells

An experiment to create an inexpensive pathway for students to attend prestigious, four-year universities ended up costing one company a lot of money. As a result, it has pivoted from its original mission and has been sold—at a fraction of the venture capital it raised.

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Education Looks Eastward: Snapshots from Beijing's Global Education Technology Summit

Beijing—China is a different world when it comes to education and tech. Teachers are revered, most families spend about a third of their income on their children’s education, and most students spend at least an hour a day on some kind of online learning.

Coursera Co-Founder Andrew Ng Wants to Bring ‘AI to Everyone’ in Latest Course

In popular culture, artificial intelligence is used to describe anything from product recommendations to self-driving cars and futuristic robotic overlords. With such broad interpretations of AI, Andrew Ng wants to simplify things for the average person in a new course called AI for Everyone.

How to Make Education Research Relevant to Teachers

My goal is to make information useful, usable and used.Research shows that good teachers are the most important ingredient that schools can provide to help students succeed. This is especially true for struggling schools.Now here’s something we’re realizing about our current education research: Too few educators feel that the research that the US government supports has a tangible impact on their work in the classroom. That’s something that has to change.

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