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Storytelling Remotely

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 16/11/2020

Despite being completely remote up until this point, I have done my best to continue to use storytelling as my main method to deliver comprehensible input in my Spanish class over our synchronous online Google Meets classes.

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In search of a quick input-based activity that you can use either in a remote or in-person setting? Have students draw the scenes of a story.

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Our second week of remote learning is underway and we wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to.


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Distance Learning Memes

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 05/08/2020

It wouldn’t be a back to the school year without us posting our favorite memes. We started making memes years ago and even launched our own website for teacher memes (since discontinued).

This summer we’ve been working on Distance Learning Memes, dealing with our new reality of teaching via Google Classroom, Screencastify, and Zoom sessions. While we insist on compassion and understanding for our students during these times, these memes will hopefully provide a laugh. It may be a good way to set expectations with your students or to start building relationships with them through humor.


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Starting the Year Remotely

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 31/07/2020

It’s something we never expected. Something we are not trained for. And yet millions of teachers will start the year remotely this fall, embarking on a journey unlike any other. Meeting your students for the first time on Zoom and trying to build a relationship through Google Classroom will certainly be a challenge.

I certainly don’t have all the answers yet and I, too, will be leaning on my colleagues’ advice and posts on social media. Here are a few resources that I’ve gathered that might help you this year.

1) (FREE) My First MovieTalk: We released this free product last year as a way to introduce teachers to the MovieTalk method. This...

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White privilege of Names

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 19/06/2020

As you may know, I have devoted several blog posts over the years to the issue of assigning or letting students choose “Spanish names” in the Spanish classroom. Now with many more teachers being more aware of what white privilege is and how our education system is already part of a white supremacist system, I wanted to bring this topic back up so that teachers who may continue to engage in this practice are able to reflect.

How does this practice fit into white privilege? White students who take on the name “Nacho” or “Margarita” only wear that identity for fun in their Spanish class. It does not come with the discrimination that Latinos who live with that name face on a regular basis in this...

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Google Classroom Tips

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 04/04/2020

Some teacher tips for using Google Classroom during “Remote learning”

Tip Number 1:
Need to see if students are reading your posts? Use the “Question” feature under the “classwork” menu and type up any instructions students need for that day’s assignment. Choose a multiple choice question and include the options “Yes, I’ve read today’s assignment and understand” or “I have questions and will be e-mailing you” or even ask something like “How are you today? Good / Been better”. You could even put a curricular question. The idea is that by just clicking one of the two options, the assignment is “turned in”.  If you just post an announcement in your stream there is no way to...

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Rally Re-order

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 09/03/2020

The following is a guest post that I invited Rich Madel to write after he mentioned this activity on twitter.

All world language teachers focused on providing rich, compelling, and comprehensible input to their students know the struggle: How can we mask the repetition of the same...

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